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 Time of Wonder (Picture Puffin Books)Our modern lives can be uite hectic We xpect instant results fast food 24 hour online shoppingThis book reminds us *that life can be lived a slower pace with tides and the seasonsMy *life be lived at a slower with the tides and the seasonsMy year old loves this book I do too My dad use to read me all of the Robert McCloskey books so they hold a special place in my heart I buy his books for all of my friends with kids These are just perfect Really a lovely book nicely written and illustrated Great kid s bood We keep a lot of kids books in the house and this is my favorite In my opinion this is a children s literature masterpiece The Nightwatch Guernica One Hundred Years of Solitude in that vein Along so many dimensions it shows levels of storytelling art and craftsmanship that are so immaculate I almost tear up trying to describe it any furtherIt s a bit of a longer read for a child it is almost an pic which kind. Winner of theCaldecott Medal For fans of Blueberries for Sal One Morning in Maine and Make way for DucklingsOut on the islands that poke their rocky shores above the waters of Penobscot Bay you can watch the time of the wo. .

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Th really is The book won the Caldecott Medal in 1957 This book transported me to a stunning location with fascinating wildlife But it awakened a longing for childhood and family holidays from my past and a longing for future in heaven A simply stunning book I have loved this story since I was a child and now decades later I give it as gifts for relatives and friends children to learn to read The two girls at the center of the story xperience the joys of vacation on a island off the coast of Maine apparently an annual family EVENT FOR THEM THE *WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS CATCH THE BEAUTY for them The *Watercolor Paintings Catch The Beauty Subtlety Of Color Of *paintings catch the beauty and subtlety of color of land forest and weather I love the page where the girls are in a rowboat shining a flashlight into the water The build to the big storm gives a strong push to the narrative and the paintings capture it perfectly A great book for curling up with a loved child. Ggy morning the The Business of Family Business excitement of sailing the uiet of the night the sudden terror of a hurricane and in thend the peace of the island as the family packs up to leave are shown in poetic language and vibrant vocative picture. ,
Of reuires an arlier bedtime or a non school night Maybe that keeps it special for usFor my kids it might not be on their top 3 lists at any given time but those change very couple months anyhow I think spending the time reading this to them showing them the love of nature and of a simpler world and for the ones I read it to far outweighs fleeting pleasures which of course are important as well That s what it means to be a parent anyhow So make it a part of your life This is high art in the form of *A CHILDREN S PICTURE BOOK THE COMBINATION OF THE *children s picture book The combination of the and the beautiful painterly images create a feeling of a both wonder and sadness For kids this is a great story about having and adventurous summer on an island in Maine For adults seeing the summer pass for these two little girls also vokes the feeling a larger sense of time passing and how fleeting our time on ar. Rld go by from minute to minute hour to hour from day to day So begins this classic story of one summer on a Maine Island From The Author from the author One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal The spell of rain the gulls and a fo. ,

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