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True uEries gets better along the way sometimes it doesn t hurt to trust them I bought the next 13 books in the series after reading book 1 Sometimes I feel like I m obligated to read all of them but while reading them I feel the sense of enjoyment The novels are relatively short so it s not much of a chore to finish it Add in the fact that you d be finished by day 2 because you just have to know what happens next Let s just call these books as page turners45 stars While this one is among the good ones of the series it was still a bitnderwhelming It needs a bit tricks A Fairly Honourable Defeat up Butcher s sleeves About halfway through Blood Rites I was thinking this was probably one of the weakest books in the series I have read so far But as soon as I start to think this the story takes a turn and it endsp being one of my favorites Butcher supplied some interesting twists in this one And just when you thought Harry s life couldn t get any crazierit always doesThis series continues to supply an endless amount of humor magic and just plain old fun You never know what type of situation Harry is going to find himself in view spoiler Blood Rites starts out with Harry running from some fire pooping demon monkeys The next minute he is working on the set of a porno flick trying to track down a curse slinging murderer Shake in a little of Harry s personal life which at times is just as interesting as his job hide spoiler Stick a fork in me folksI m done My relationship with the Dresden Files has officially hit rock bottom This is one review I ve been dreading to write both because A LOT of my friends passionately love these books and because there are so many aspects of the series that are praise worthy and enjoyable The world BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COWSleazy saxophone riffDresden magic on a porn movie setI have to admit that when I read the trailers for this I smiled to myself but did not expect much Oh I knew I d probably like it it s Jim Butcher s wise cracking wizard for hire after all but the premise seemed off I imagined Burt Reynolds and Heather Graham in Boogie Nights doing magic Jackie Treehorn producing Log Jammin with werewolves fixing the cableBut I was very pleasantly surprised I think this is one of his better booksButcher builds and expands his vision of the world Harry lives in where he s in the Chicago Yellow Pages and there be boogeymen afoot if not altogether in plain sight What is particularly engrossing was his further description and explanation of the different courts of vampires The Black Court are the ones Bram Stoker described at the behest of the Wizards White Council and all the normal rules apply except Butcher s Black Court vamps are stinkingly ndead almost a cross with a zombie or ghoul The Red Court are the demon like less human in reality but powerful and able to disguise themselves We learned about them in Grave Peril and Death MasksThen there are the adult entertainment side of the house the White Court These are the succubi and incubi the most human like and the ones who feed off emotions and life forceAnd can party like porn starsBesides these fun descriptions and some cool recurring characters and some amusing new ones Butcher also adds depth to his characterizations and further develops the characters particularly Harry Thomas and Karrin Murphy Like any dynamic grouping theirs is a complicated one and made all the dramatic by the realization of some Jerry Springer show family dynamicsBlood Rites escapist and fun some Jerry Springer show family dynamicsBlood Rites escapist and fun fantasy that it is also is good enough to explore themes of family love relationships and the primal need we have for one anotherSo not just another magic wielding shoot em p an honest to God I ll be damned good book My guilty pleasure reading is the Harry Dresden series featuring Chicago s only professional wizard Butcher has the first person hardboiled narrator voice reading is the Harry Dresden series featuring Chicago s only professional wizard Butcher has the first person hardboiled narrator voice pat and throws out one liners and rock em sock em action with eual abandon Harry Dresden s world gets increasingly complicated in this book with new allies and new enemies and I m glad I went back and started at the beginning of the series This book like the rest of the series offers a wild ride and lots of fun I can honestly say Blood Rites is my favorite in the series so far Now this was also my first audiobook of the series so that could have something to do with it It s hard to tell at this point but either way I highly enjoyed Bood RitesAt first I thought Marsters was a bit too serious for Harry at least the Harry I had in my head but the I read the I realized Marsters is least the Harry I had in my head but the I read the I realized Marsters is much as perfect as you can get Harry s wit and constant one liners were actually made hilarious by this narrator who is serious for the majority of the time I think the heightened seriousness really works better for these books because it gives you a sense of this highly dangerous world where Harry works on a daily basisIt s hard to separate the story from Harry himself because it s told in first person so you re in Harry s head the entire time outside of dialogue from other characters I thought this was a brilliant way to handle it though where you get Harry s sense of humor through his dialogue mostly his thoughts as well of course but a seriousness that anchors the narrative because Harry still lives in a world of scary monstersI hope any of that made some remote bit of senseAnyhow Blood Rites gets back into the vampires they seem to be a pretty regular fall back for Butcher and that makes sense because the set Slavery Reborn up has been an all out war between vampires and wizards Someone s taking out people on an adult film set and Harry has to gondercover to discover who s behind it Of course it goes deeper than he imagined at first and there s where the money is for this series Harry getting into stuff only to get beaten down and beaten on a lotI struggled a slight bit with the first books in the series but they have really hit their stride now I didn t even notice the typical repetitions this time Harry disrupts electricity Harry gets really protective of women etc etc that are explained in each volume as if no one s ever heard about them before It probably helps that it s been a year or so since I last read in the series Blood Rites was excellent James Marsters is so perfectly Harry Dresden it s almost scary What a great combination I ve already broken my rule of leaving a year between each Dresden file read and started on Dead Beat 45 out of 5 Stars highly recommended. Dubious integrity Thomas has a personal stake in the case Harry can't You Can Make Anything Sad uite figure outntil his investigation leads him straight to Thomas' oversexed vampire family Harry is about to discover that Thomas' family tree has been hiding a shocking secret; a revelation that will change Harry's life forev.

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The building was on fire and it wasn t my fault As if anyone would believe that HarryChased by flaming poop of flying monkeys tasked to work in a porn filming industry as a production assistant and dealing with vampires Blood Rites the sixth installment in The Dresden Files series hasn t stopped Harry Dresden s life from being filled with chaos excitement and suffering Unlike Summer Knight and Death Masks where the repercussion of the conflict seemed global Blood Rites takes the story structure back to the cases based storyline of the first three books The strong focus on developing relationships of the characters revelations regarding Harry s family and the importance of love in Blood Rites really made it one of the better entries in the series so far Love is another kind of power which shouldn t surprise you Magic comes from emotions among other things And when two people are together in that intimacy when they really selflessly love each other it changes them both It lingers on in the energy of their lives even when they are apart I think one of the most enjoyable parts of reading this series is to witness how far Butcher has developed as a storyteller I know I m only six books into this long series but the differences in Life Leverage uality have improved exponentially since Storm Front and Fool Moon I didn t find myself too invested in the main story here but the characters and their development were superb and they re the ones who kept me entertained For six books now Harry and Murphy s relationship and the trust they have with each other have been developed in a very gradual style and this situation can be applied here The highlight of this book though for me was Thomas Raith and his characterization There site a lot of new information to learn here don t let the cases story structure trick you into thinking this is a filler installment it s not I also loved that despite having a life full of hardship Harry Dresden always managed to rises from it stronger The world might be vicious and treacherous and deadly but it couldn t kill laughter Laughter like love has power to survive the worst things life has to offer I know I m being repetitive about the next thing I m going to say but Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? unfortunately I stumbledpon the same issue once again It s definitely subjective but I kept on feeling that the action scenes in some sections still felt too long for its own good This has happened at least once or twice in each installment and it happened once again here I hope this is something that I ll find being improved in the next books because I do enjoy reading this series so much and it s a bit sad that there s always one or two action seuences where I became a bit bored Jobs are a part of life Maybe you ve heard of the concept It s called work See what happens is that you suffer through doing annoying and humiliating things ntil you get paid not enough money Like those Japanese game shows only without all the glory Blood Rites is hilarious wholesome and imbued with revelations that would be pivotal for the continuation of the series So far out of the six books in the series that I ve read I definitely laughed the most reading this one A huge plus there s a puppy here I look forward to reading the next onePicture Blood Rites by Vincent ChongYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shippingYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Devin Hamad Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas In this entry in The Dresden Files the vampire Thomas asks Harry to help his friend an ADULT FILM MAKER PEOPLE KEEP DYING ON SET AND film maker People KEEP DYING ON SET AND THINKS ITS MAGIC RELATEDPART dying on set and thinks its magic relatedPart part comedy and 100 percent wizard I think Blood Rites is one of the best in the series so far I was agreeing to help him and taking a job just as though Thomas were any other client It probably wasn t the smartest thing I d ever done It had the potential to lead to lethally nhealthy decisions pg 17As sual Harry can t seem to get his life together long enough to get anything done He runs from crisis to crisis But he s become self aware enough to realize what he s doing My worry and tension slowly grew and as they did I took a perverse comfort in the familiar emotions It actually felt good to feel my survival instincts put me on guard against premature mortality Hell s bells Is that insane or what pg 93We learn a lot about Harry s personal life in this story The hardest lesson a wizard has to learn is that even with so much power there are some things you can t control No matter how much you want to pg 353And we also get to meet a shady character or two from his pastHighly recommended for rban fiction fans Full review now postedIt s a thankless job being Chicago s only professional wizard But it s what Harry Dresden signed Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World up for and he isp to the challenge Usually But for someone always so swamped with work the poor man never someone always so swamped with work the poor man never two The Infinite Air uarters to rub together That lack of funds always endsp getting him in trouble whether because of the jobs he takes to get some cash or because he ends The Spill up owing some sketchy people moneyThis book opens with Dresden rescuing puppies from demonic purple flying monkeys No really Demonic purple flying monkeys that hurl incendiary poo And can join forces to create one giant purple King Kong demon Needless to say the beginning was hilarious One of the puppies the one that manages to sneak his way into Dresden s life is the cutest thing ever I can t wait to get of him in future booksLater in the book Dresden helps an adult film maker dodge a curse targeting the women on set as a favor to Thomas the sexy White Court vampire that always has his back for somenexplained reason The curse is completely wonky Seriously someone got taken out by a frozen turkey that fell out of an airplane There are freaky Black Court vampires on the hunt for Dresden and during all of this other craziness Harry gets some family bombshells dropped on him Lots of stuff goes downHere is my problem with the Dresden Files the writing is just so scattered Butcher writes an entertaining story but when he s trying to bring plot points together things just fall apart for some reason I can see where Butcher is trying to go with the story and I can follow what he s getting at but the writing itself doesn t convey the plot twists in any kind of concise manner Ar. For Harry Dresden Chicago's only professional wizard there have been worse assignments than going Pandoras Planet undercover on the set of an adult film Dodging flaming monkey poo for instance Or going toe to leaf with a walking plant monster Still there is something troubling thansual about his newest case The Blood RitesE these five star Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? uality books No Will I continue to read them when I need a break from denser better written books Yes Because Dresden might not be the best written book series on the market but it sure is fun I have a life man And my life isn t all about feuding demigods and nations at war and solving a mystery before it kills me Thomas lifted an eyebrow It s also about mold demons and flaming monkey poo What can I say I put the ick in magic Well Harry let s just agree that your always have a lot on your plate P Becauseite honestly monkey poo and mold demons are the least of your problems There are important things you ll have to tackle Like for instance the set of an erm let s say particular kind of movie only adults are allowed to watch lol Then again Thomas was the one who recruited you for this case and we all know what the White Court thrives on right wriggles eyebrowsFor some reason Harry seems to have no trouble to fit into this world though Should we be concerned or happy I can t decide Guess whatever floats your boat Harry lol Like for instance a sexy as hell vampire from the White Court that goes by the name Lara I d be careful with this kind of company though Hell no actually I wouldn t Lara and Thomas would be welcome in my bed flat anytime P Did I say that out lout Anyway moving on It made me feel sad but not bitter If we had to do it again he and I would make the same choices I just wished I d been able to know him longer than I had It s not everyone who can teach you something about faith without saying a word to do it Between Harry s new case and his other activities we get reminded of the earlier books The memory of a certain knight How To Win At Casino Gambling unexpectedly catchings off guard Or at least it caught me off guard I didn t expect to feel so sad about this tiny remark but boy was it bittersweet to read Harry s thoughts when he entered that room I guess it s no wonder our favourite wizard decided to get another pet There can never be enough fluffy fur in your life XD Especially if you have a life like Harry who s sort of constantly dancing at the edge of life My worry and tension slowly grew and as they did I took a perverse comfort in the familiar emotions It actually felt good to feel my survival instincts put me on guard against premature mortality Hell s bells Is that insane or what Yep yes it is Okay I think now I m really concerned about his mental health lol All the fluffy fur in the world won t be able to set that right Maybe a psychiatrist I genuinely doubt Kincaid or Ebenezar McCoy will be able to get back Harry s sanity This said it was still nice that they made an appearance in this book Unfortunately I can t say the same about Mavra I really don t like that woman Erm vampire You re probably right she said nodding So I m not going to kill you for shoving your well intentioned opinion down my throat in a vulnerable moment Just this once A and you will be glad to know that every exotic dancer in Chicago is alive and well Safeguarded by your friendly neighborhood air spirit Bob said Um Say Harry that is ite the homicidal gleam in your eyes As for our two sidekicks Bob and Murphy Guess Bob needs to get his priorities straight first lol I can t blame him for all those lovely exotic dancers though Life as a spirit without a body must be tiresome so I suppose he figured there would be no harm in looking Well no other harm than Harry s homicidal gleam in his eyes Which must have been pretty bad if even Bob got worried But what can I say Harry has no time to mess around Between Mavra the Raith Clan payment for Kincaid and one hell of a really nasty entropy curse that threatens not only the people at the set but also his own life Harry clearly has his work cut out for him Will you take care of my daughter Yes ma am Of course I will Her blue eyes flashed fiercely and she said Let me get you a piece of cake Bless Mama Murphy for feeding him in order to regain his strength lol Speaking of which I consider this to be a blessing for marriage I mean nothing screams you re allowed to propose TO MY DAUGHTER THAN TO FEED HER POTENTIAL LOVE my daughter than to feed her potential love Harry what the freaking hell are you waiting for You most definitely have the wrong taste in women because if I d be you I d have proposed to Murphy about a thousand times This woman is amazing and she s able to put p with you Can t ask for than that PThis said I once again enjoyed another Harry Dresden book As always Blood Rites wasn t only a fast and entertaining read but also kind of cleared the way for even bigger plots in the future I guess after six books we have When Not to Build uite a lot of storylines that can be pickedp and sed for further books And I m not gonna lie here I m so ready for some of them to nfold P I need book 7 asap Seriously every time I finish another Harry Dresden book my first thought isHell s bells How come Harry is in even trouble now OoWell Blood Rites is no exception After reading this sixth book I think the only reason Harry didn t die yet is because he s just too stubborn to lol AND because he has sexy as hell Murphy as his backup If I d be him I d marry that woman 3 Full RTC soon ish Stay tuned Time to tackle the I d be him I d marry that woman 3 Full RTC soon ish Stay tuned Time to tackle the Harry Dresden book XDI need something light and not all too serious right now and I think this might be the right choice Harry never disappoints and Jim Butcher s books are always easy to read If you want to compare it to food Harry Dresden most certainly would be the euivalent of fast food for me lol Also this book features Thomas Harry s flirtatious vampire acuaintance and if that s not enough reason to read this then I don t know P Urban Fantasy is the genre I choose when I m in the mood for a light read and The Dresden Files is my number 1 choice in that particular genre I like the characters plot and writing This series keeps getting better along the way but sometimes it tends to feel like it has a routineNo money New enemies Girl problem New job Almost died Didn t die Saved the dayThat s the particular routine of The Dresden Files and it s slowly starting to get boring Sure I like reading about Dresden but I also need something huge that would make me want to read on That was my problem with the fifth book but this one had a few great momentsWe all love a good plot twist or a revelation that we didn t see coming Blood Rites had that and I m really glad If it didn t have those moments then I would ve rated this a 3 When people tell you that the Ilm's producer believes he's the target of a sinister entropy curse but it's the women around him who are dying in increasingly spectacular waysHarry is doubly frustrated because he got involved with this bizarre mystery only as a favor to Thomas his flirtatious self absorbed vampire acuaintance of.

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