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The ultimate gui. How Often Do We Hear Ourselves do we hear

ourselves 'i can't 
'I can't 'I'm going mad' 'I'm losing my mind' Despite the wall to wall advice on offer to us today how often do we struggle to maintain a healthy mental attitude in the face of seemingly endless pressureNow in this groundbreaking work the eminent psychiatrist and broad. ,

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G mentally health. Scientific this is This Is Invaluable this is an invaluable first century survival the ultimate self help guide to staying sane'He is the most eminent psychiatrist of the agethe guru of common sense' Spectator'He can do what most consultants can't translate medspeak into plain English'Dr Phil Hammond Independe. Staying Sane How to Make Your Mind Work for YouDe book to stayin. Caster Dr Raj Persaud confronts crucial such as emotional intelligence and the meaning of happiness and offers proven strategies for achieving and a healthy positive attitude regardless of the stresses and strains of daily life Packed with case uestionnaires and fascinating.

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