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Barenaked JaneHe shows up at her door and proposes a weekend no holds barred sex so one "can get the other out of their system lust prevails and she can t say " get the other out of their system lust prevails and she can t say But even the simplest affair can get complicated when emotions are at play as they learn soon enough So what will happen when Monday comes Will they be able to go back to seeing each other as mere professional coworkers What if Mathias wants Will Jane be willing to giveThis book was narrated by Jane and I m not a fan of 1st person POV As expected Barenaked Jane had the same problem I found in Undressing Mercy I didn t get to know the hero in this case Mathias as well as I Got To Know The Heroine In This Case Jane got to know the heroine in this case Jane that note all I can say about Mathias is that he was absolutely purrfect Just see it for yourselfview spoiler hide spoiler This was an alright novel It moved along pretty well ust ended prematurely It didn t seem finished I would ve liked to see what Jane s decision on the relationship was and scenes of her and Mathias getting to know each other and dealing with being a couple This is my first read by Deanna Lee and this is actually the second in the trilogy I am curious to read bk 3 cause the plot sounds good The one good thing about this novel was I wasn t lost having not read the first novel This is my second book of the series and I truly liked this one very good chemistry between Jane and Mathias Very nice romance which involves very hot foreplay Lee definitely impresses with this one Terrible book very boring If I could give it negative stars I would Ended very abruptly. Er body so intimately How can he bring her such seductive pleasure To answer each and every uestion Jane lays herself bare ready naked and willing Lee hits the mark again and againin a class by itself Romantic Times 4 12 stars G Top Pick on Undressing Mercy WARNING This is a REALLY HOT book Sexually Explic.

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DNF 28 % I didn t realize this was part of a series So I Was A I was a irked by references to
"The Previous Story I Can "
previous story I can say this was an all time favourite it let itself be read so to speak but I m not sure I would have bothered if I didn t have a thing about finishing books I start The most interesting and appealing character was Mathias but it wasn t very clear why he put up with Jane This seemed very choppy to me The writing did not flow from one scene into the next The sex was okay but not all that hot It was an okay book but not a keeper Joe It was good but my least favorite of the series so farJane and Mathias got off to a hilariously rocky start and I expected it to get better as the book progressed They had a strong attraction that led to some smokin hot sex and some great moments but Jane was holding on to some serious hang ups that kept her from accepting him into her life Frankly her views on men sex and relationships were off putting I don t do cold heroines And as much as the heat between her and Mathias melted my panties her attitude froze my assets but good Her saving grace was her relationships with Mercy and Lisa It was with them that I gained an appreciation for her character Mathias was The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy just too delicious for words I was crushing on him like a fresh faced teenager He was patient and strong and he had to be Jane was some work The ending was abrupt and that surprised me I was expecting something concrete between Jane and Mathias and was disappointed my patience with her wasn t rewarded I m interested to see what happens in. Jane Tilwell has a take charge approach to life That means dealing head on with Mathias Montgomery security expert and future brother in law to her boss at the art gallery Surprising him during the middle of a planned break in she can't deny the excitement she feels as he pins her to the floor He's all alp.