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And I love Ace Frehley The first record I ever picked out for myself when I was about five years old was Destroyer I almost didn t bother with this one I was never really a KISS fan although I did have friends who were When they played their reunion show at the now sadly demolished I m not even going to start on that evil son of a bitch Mike Ilitch Tiger Stadium in 1996 a lot of my friends acuaintances were there but not me the Sex Pistols were playing about half a mile away at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit that same night and for me that was the most obvious no brainer choice ever Of course I went to the Sex Pistols show instead Having said that I had eventually realised some time in the 1980s that almost all the KISS songs I actually liked were Ace s and besides that someone had given me a copy of the Ace Frehley solo record at some point and it was not bad I kind of liked a couple of those songs too One of my best friends John Sabre Bartels 1967 2012 RIP who unlike me was a charter member of the KISS Army sadly passed away last December He had told me this book wasn t that good so when I came across it the other night while helping his widow sort through his things I almost stuck it on the shelf with his other rock n roll books but something told me to read it and homeboy s lady was kind enough to lend it to me Like I was trying to say above I believe Ace Frehley was easily the most talented member of KISS I also think he s the most sympathetic character from that band Peter Criss is a typical drummer ie uiet something of a nonentity Paul Stanley is simply Gene s sidekick and gets pathetic every year and Gene Simmons is one of the most unpleasant individuals I have ever seen or heard of ust in case some dumb ass gets the idea I m being anti semitic I would like to point out that I have basically worshiped Leonard Cohen and Robert Capa all my life and as a little kid with an eye patch in the early 70s I really admired Moshe Dayan as well I could go on and on if I were so inclined but I m not so look at my bookshelves or go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut instead This book is actually not bad at all It s certainly not the best music memoir I ve read but it s also far from the worst It was an enjoyable read for me I was uite surprised by how much I have in common with Ace both as a man and as a musician Anyone who enjoys this genre would probably like this book and if you happen to be a KISS fan so much the better Ace Frehley is why I play guitar Oh sure those who know me know all about my love for Jimmy Page and everything Zeppelin did and that s still true although lately Page has been A Supreme Douchebag To His supreme douchebag to his but it all started With KISS And Their Alive KISS and their Alive 40 years 40 years and I still play it and Ace s solos not to mention Paul Stanley s underrated harmony work have the same effect on me as they did when I was 14 It gets my blood racingSo this is Ace s memoir of his KISS days He ll never win the Pulitzer but to read his side of things and his history as lead guitarist in the Hottest Band in the Land this is a must read if you were a KISS fan Ace talks about growing up on the mean streets his beginnings as a musician and surprisingly his self consciousness and nervousness in the studio It s great to read about a guy like this as big as he was being so self assured as a live performer playing off the vibe of the crowd but feeling the the pressure of sitting down to precisely nail a piece for a studio cutNot only would I love to am with Ace but he d be a real fun guy to hang with If you want a perfect example of the personality dynamics in KISS you won t get better than their interview with Tom Snyder in 1979httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv0jzveAce discusses this famous interview He was blasted of course Wine in the limo drinks in the green room and a couple of lines of coke to take the edge off He was a riot and the best thing about all this is Gene Simmons uptight and sulking at being upstaged Ace was hilarious and after all was said and done he writes How seriously can you take yourself when you re sitting there in a superhero costume and full face makeupGene never got it is a recurring refrain throughout the memoir and Ace is well vindicated to lash out at this guy after all Simmons has said about him Simmons did some really mean shit to Ace and Ace s daughter and later on in the book Gene really does come off as one sad and lonely assholeI knew a lot about the bickerings within KISS beforehand but this memoir shed light on it It s well known that Gene and Paul I so hate to say this about Paul because I very much admire him as a showman and vocalistguitar player are control freaks and it s all about the money for themWhatever they re selling right now it s not KISS My KISS includes Ace and PeterI still can t believe they are marketing their brand with Tommy Thayer as Ace s Spaceman Thayer should be ashamed of himself and Gene and Paul Neither of you really get it nowHighly recommended for Ace fans. Ehind his turbulent breakup with KISS their triumphant reunion a decade later and his smash solo career Along the way he shares wild stories about dancing at Studio 54 with “The Bionic Woman” working as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and bar flying all night with John Belushi In the end he comes to terms with his highly publicized descent into alcohol drugs and self destruction ultimately managing to conuer his demons and come out on top This is Ace FrehleyNo makeupNo apologiesNo regrets.

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Back in the 70s it was Ace s screaming solos on Kiss Alive that inspired me to pick up a guitar This book is the most honest real books about the myth and legend of the band This is NOT a tell all book about the band but about Ace and only Ace I think that his honesty about his addictions risky behavior and irresponsibility shed a tremendous amount of light on why the band split up and the bad blood between him and Gene It s an excellent read for an Ace fan a good read for a KISS fan and an ok read for the curious Rabid fans who think that Gene and Paul walk on water will not like this bookIt amazes me that bands in the music biz 20 years ever survive that long given the excesses and grueling tour schedules Rockin and rollin all nite and partying everyday has a price and I think Ace conveys that clearly As a fan of KISS since I was five years old maybe even younger I had a blast reading about the early days of the band and as a major ACE fan I LOVED the stories about the recording of his classic 1978 solo album Like most rock n roll memoirs there s plenty of drug and alcohol stories as well as car crashes and near death experiences So as a KISS and Ace fan the book is a lot of fun especially when Ace trashes Gene and Paul on nearly every other page then offers something positive about them although toward the end Gene really comes off as a total scumbagWhat I DIDN T like about NO REGRETS are several sections where it s painfully obvious Ace s two co authors did all the writing using language that ust doesn t fit with the majority of the book s AceBronx attitude and lingo Sure Ace is lucky to have one brain cell left after all these years of cocaine and beer parties but a book released on a major label like this could ve taken the time to make each chapter sound like they were part of the same book A small complaint but one that I found distracting despite the uickness of the readI m assuming any KISS fan will find much of this interesting although fans of Ace s solo bands if there ARE fans of JUST his solo bands might be a bit disappointed as there s little time spent talking about themAce s recollections of his times hanging out with John Belushi are worth the cover price IMO and he comes off as a cool old school neighborhood guy you d want to hang out with And udging from this book it seems Ace bagged almost as many women as Gene SimmonsFun stuff for fans Like many hemp addled cheap sonic thrill seeking Detroit teenagers in the mid 70 s I was a fully paid member of the Kiss Army proof of membership tucked tightly in my wallet right next to my DREAD Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco card Detroit Rock City dontcha know Any uestions But by the time Ace Frehley either left or was fired shortly after Creatures of the Night an album he apparently didn t play on despite his face on the wrapper the bloom was off the rose t play despite his face on the wrapper the bloom was fully off the rose band s panic at being left for dead and choking on the fumes of dance music and punknew wave laid bare by their hurdling the shark into disco the I Was Made for Loving You single a dodgy prog concept album Music from the Elder and bland AOR pap Unmasked The less said about the four simultaneously released solo albums which still line the bins of used record stores across the planet the better Apparently they were unfamiliar with the old adage If it ain t broke don t fix it At this point I regrettably stepped off this bullet train to nowhere for 14 long years passing on a series of guitarists Vinnie Vincent Mark St John Bruce Kulick who may have technically knocked Frehley into a cocked hat but sorely lacked the Spaceman s attitude charisma and Let s see now where was I flair for six string torment Until the June 28 1996 reunion show at Tiger Stadium that is original members greasepaint Destroyer costumes the lamentable Psycho Circus still on the horizon an evening of triumph retribution and living in the past via a calibration of the wayback machine to Cobo Hall circa 1975 and a fountain of watered down stadium brewAlthough he often seemed a minor head injury away from eating his own feces Frehley was the straw that stirred the Kiss drink a front man in dire need of a creative outlet and probably the real reason he packed it in rather than any concerns on the part "of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about his liuor guzzling or powder hoovering Last time "Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about his liuor guzzling or powder hoovering Last time checked drunk stoned and irresponsible was part of the ob descriptionFar from all inclusive there are gaps in the plot here bigger than the holes in the ozone layer punched by Frehley s brain going up in flames No Regrets is a trove of Kiss tales gossip and yards of dirt for the Kiss fanboy that still beats within the teenage heart of a lot of us aging hipster doofuses And you gotta love these pearls of wisdom I really don t want to sound like I m preaching or making a stand against drugs and alcohol The fact of the matter is I don t believe that there s anything wrong with either of them Unfortunately in excess they re u. THE MUSIC THE MAKEUP THE MADNESS AND MORE In December of 1972 a pair of musicians placed an advertisement in the Village Voice “GUITARIST WANTED WITH FLASH AND ABILITY” Ace Frehley figured he had both so he answered the ad The rest is rock ’n’ roll historyHe was ust a boy from the Bronx with stars in his eyes But when he picked up his guitar and painted stars on his face Ace Frehley transformed into “The Spaceman” and helped turn KISS into one of the top selling bands in th. St not very healthy for you But many people function uite nicely while using drugs or alcohol on a recreational basis The trick is moderation If you can handle it go ahead Knock yourself out Ace Frehley is a polarizing person While he s a brilliant musician and is a rock icon personally he s an asshat In his own words he explains his life and what it means to be a rock god I expected him to be cocky but man he s way over the top It s a trip to read and if you like all things rock you ve gotta read this My Rating 5 stars Ace Frehley s memoir is for Kiss Ace Frehley fans only I can t imagine anyone who isn t a fan being interested in all his anecdotes of sex drugs rock n roll We all knew Gene Simmons is an asshole who sold his soul for the money We all knew Ace had a serious drinking problem and has since found sobriety But what is interesting is when he writes about his creative process and the music he created with the band especially about his 1978 solo album Also interesting was how Gene Paul stole some of his ideas and have since tried to erase his presence from Kisstory since his second departure from the band But Ace has moved on Good for him Here s hoping he s still got some really good tunes in his pocket If you have ever been the child caught in the middle of an ugly divorce you know how it felt for KISS fans over the years with the GenePaul vs AcePeter thing Ace does say that Gene was all business from day one and that the Frehley approach was about having fun being a rock star I see both sidesor at least I did until Frehley shared one instance that really hurt himDuring the reunion Gene was putting the movie Detroit Rock City together He invited Ace s daughter to come to California and be in a bit part She was thrilled and Ace thought it was an amazing gesture from Geneuntil the movie came out and his daughter s scene was cut And since Gene was in control of the edits Ace feels no choice but to take it personally His thoughts were basically Do what you want to me say what you want about mebut when you hurt my kid I never took sides in this breakup until that revelationIn any case the book is a must for KISS fans and a good read I would also suggest it for people battling with addiction since Ace spends a lot of time talking about his own struggle As a biography this is not a bad effort Ace always was smarter than a lot of people gave him credit for and that comes through in this book But as somebody who always appreciated his gifts as a guitar player I have to say that ultimately the book convinces you that his inability to grapple with his own irresponsible streak ultimately showed him to be a lot dumber than he ought to beThe early stories of his childhood how he came to be a guitar player how things were when KISS got started are the best material in the book When he gets into the material detailing when his chemical needs took over his life particularly after he first discovered cocaine it is at first revealing about ust how intense his addictions could be But after the fifth or sixth time that he s crashed his car or when you realize he s been indulging in the same reckless behavior for two decades it s no "Longer Entertaining It S "entertaining it s
sadace frehley had 
Frehley had real gift but never discovered the maturity or self control to make the most of it As someone who followed him from a distance all my life that is the discovery to Be Made In Hearing His Story In made in hearing his story in own voice I was thrilled for him when he began to assert himself on later KISS albums as of a creative force in the band but now understand why he ultimately failed to sustain that To title a book about this No Regrets is ust silliness or worse engaging in the same kind of self delusion that enabled his addictions and got him into so much trouble for so many yearsIt turns out that the only outside anchor who can slow down his self destructive streak that comes out in the book is his daughter Moniue He should thank God for her Unfortunately it s also true that Ace wrote a candid poignant song on his album Anomaly called A Little Below the Angels in which Moniue is featured It includes the line Alcohol was a friend of mine it almost got me deadI crashed some cars got into fights some things I now regret Seems than a little odd to write such a song a couple of years ago and now opt for a book title of No RegretsAce ought to have regrets He s wasted a lot of his gifts Even if he doesn t have his own regrets I have some for him as a fan who is a little wiser to what is really driving this gifted but troubled dare we go for clueless artist He spends a lot of time in this book taking shots at Gene Simmons and while Gene can be validly criticized on any number of fronts the ultimate truth by book s end is clear if not for the discipline of vision that Gene and the other members of KISS had for the band in the formative years of the 1970s Ace would likely never have had a career that anyone would have heard about Ace Frehley Hell yes I m a big KISS fan. E world Now for the first time the beloved rock icon reveals his side of the story with no holds barred honesty and no regretsFor KISS fans Ace offers a rare behind the makeup look at the band’s legendary origins including the lightning bolt logo he designed and the outfits his mother sewed He talks about the unspoken division within the band he and Peter Criss versus Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons because the other two didn’t “party every day” Ace also reveals the inside story No Regrets

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