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This is the second book in the Young Brothers series It was funny and I even forgot at times that the male Young Brothers series It was funny and I even forgot at times that the male was a vampire It was pretty good and a fast read The main characters live in a trailer park and the female character owns a bar Guilt ridden and living in self exile the hero keeps to himself and other than the few trips to the hospital for bagged blood and his blog he sees no one he speaks to no one He s alone with his memories and his 12 step program to Being Human which he keeps pinned to his fridge as a daily reminder Then one night his reclusive world is shattered by a scream No hesitating he rushes out to stop a knife welding man who is threatening a young an beautiful woman Suddenly he s confronted with a major problem He s attracted to her He s attracted to her stunning hair to her accent to her pretty face But she s mortal and sex and fangs go hand in hand in his world or at least they re suppose to Funny how he can t seem to nderstand why his cock is hard but his fangs are tugged away So that first meeting and in fact many future meetings to come are a mess of bumbling indecision whether he should kiss her or not The heroine is shocked by this stunning and obviously rich man living is a trailer park but knows something real bad must have happened to push him to live around her Her though She s born to it She tries to fight her Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for Adwords Certification upbringing and in many ways she s succeeded She s no longer bitter about her drunk mother or her whore of a sister who put it into guys minds the girls of the family were easy Her druggy brother keeps hanging around for money but she handles his well enough But she can t help the fact that money is tight and that she doesn t possess even aarter of the class and privilege the hero has Yet she s proud and hardworking and her bar is a sense of success Of course such a man wouldn t ever in a million years be attracted to someone like her but she never expected him to try to run her over with his sports car Though it was an accident she s still injured and running a bar with a bad arm isn t the smartest idea When the hero offers to help she turns him down at first out of stubbornness But he pushes her and refuses to take no for an answer Spot 50 Butterflies Moths until each night she looks at the door eager to see if he ll walk through it He runs hot and cold though One moment he s giving her come hither eyes and the next he s avoiding her like the plague A girl can t take these games The hero tries very very hard to not think about the heroine all the timebut she s first on his mind when he wakesp in the evening and last thing he thinks about when the sun comes p He surrenders to the fact that no matter what she says or does no matter how drastically different they are social the fact of the matter is she is everything to him He wants to protect her to provide for her He wants to be the reason she smiles and to feel her skin against his every night She makes him a better man a stronger man He realizes just how selfish he s been for most of his life and that the life he lived before wasn t really a life at all not without the heroine in it He knows he must leave That he s no good for her his dark past and mistakes haunt him and form a cloud over any possibility of happiness but he can t for the life of him gather the strength to go She completes him she gives him back his family he d love her forever if to go She completes him she gives him back his family he d love her forever if the chance But first he must tell her his largest secret and hope she doesn t think him a monster after it Wow I really liked this book Yes it had a rather basic plot and yes it was hardly exiting or thrilling but I liked it none the less The clever writing style and compelling characters were anything but boring and I was enchanted by the awkward first encounters between the characters and the discovery that both were lost in the ways of love and all the sweet because of it The heroine who tried so hard to be better than her family who had so much insecurities about her appearance and her lack of money but who was kind and funny The hero who had nothing but juice in the fridge with a magnet about being human and whose trailer is littered with infomercial products He gave a hair genie to the heroine on their first date because he couldn t have time to get her flowers How sweet is that I really loved their dancing around this connection between them trying to figure it out The passion was awesome and their relationship once they settled into their life together was cute and envious Over all I was ite pleased with this book We see in this seuel of the Young Brothers Series Christian who was the evil brother bent on revenge but realised too late that all his thoughts had been perverted by Lilah his maker Now he is determined to make amends for the last 200 years But how to do that First he goes far away from his brothers to a remote part of West Virginia to a trailer park He puts himself through his own. When their brother Christian a vampire who was once a force to be reckoned with retires to a ,
Fangs But No Fangs Young Brothers Book 2

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Me to her and Christian attacked Jane with the intention of taking her From Rhys And At Rhys and at taste of her blood he could feel true love not obsession that she feels for his brother and in shame he runs away not knowing Rhys saved turning her to vampire and he moves himself to Shady Folk Mobile Park for penance he gives p taking blood from humans and rations bags from blood banks he s trying to follow a 12 step program to being human and he s blogging his thoughts about being human He can t stand the sound of the yard ornaments he s alone he s lost many of his preternatural powersand one night he hears a scream and sees his neighbor hiding in the grass and someone on her steps yelling for her He rescues her hitting the guy her brother and really sees her for the first time and is hit with an attraction HE S AWARE HE WANTS HER BUT HE DOESN s aware he wants her but he doesn want to feed from her and is puzzled Jolee comes from white trash and she s moved away from her "Family Bought A Karoake "bought a karoake though they never explained where she got the money for it and she s trying to make it workThe next night he goes out driving in his Porsche the only luxury he kept trying to work out some of his tension driving fast and almost hit Jolee walking home she jumps into a ditch to get out of the way of his brakeing car and he takes her to emergency he pays when she can t and he takes her home and they share their first kiss and when he wakes he follows her scent to the bar where she is struggling with the pain in her shoulder as she reaches and carries drinks and he just steps in to do it for her and when the bar closes in the rain and they have their second kiss and a bit of petting on the hood of his car They both are doing some soul searching both with backgrounds that have them struggle to believe they deserve someone to love them nwilling to trust and Christian s actions and come before he WordPress To Go understands his feelings he knows he wants to be with her he wants to help her he wants to ease her and he wants her her life is so different from what he had as a mortal and so different from what he knew as a vampire and he works very hard tonderstand her to give her what she wants and she sees his pain and wants to help him Christian tells Jolee the truth about himself keeping the pieces of being a vampire out of it but when he tells about his brothers he remembers he doesn t deserve to be happy but she takes it on herself to try to reach his family and leaves a message via the NY operator telling them where they can find their brother who would really like to see themThen her brother breaks into the bar and destroys much of it and steals her money and Christian comes and helps her clean it Ghost Stations 5 up and she s feeling optimistic andAnd he s going to leave but he can t and then in walks into the bar his brothers and Jane and he is amazed and relieved and happy to be reuinted and thankful to Jolee there is peace and then he wants to tell her the full truth and invite her to join him in eternity he tries but she doesn t believe him and then during the day her brother showsp and in anger at the police Sex And Honey uestioninghim and he hits her and Christian wakesp and goes into the sun to rescue her chasing away her brother and she drags him into the trailer and he s dying and she offers her blood and to changed now that she believes him and wants to save him and his fangs extend first time with her and she wakes Infinitely (Infinite Love Duet, up a vampire and theylivehappily everafter ahhhh This is by far my favorite brother out of all three Young brothers Christian is all I love in a remorseful alpha male After his actions in the previous novel Christian is on a self imposed exile He turns from all that he knows and has been living his life as a human besides drinking bottled blood He has decided that the only way to atone for his sins is givep everything about being a vampire and try a new 12 step program A sort of AA thing but necessary changes to fit his Queer X Design undead status Everything is going finentil one night when he s writing a blog post part of his 12 step program when his neighbor in Shady Fork Mobile Estates is being harassed by her drug addicted brother Christian A Hollywood Bride (Billionaires Brides of Convenience, uickly puts a stop to the man s mad scramble for money and meets Jolee owner and proprietor of the local bar Their relationship starts slowly and with pitfalls than a yard full of groundhogs Jolee is gun shy after her past s horrible experiences with men and Christian has just come from one extremely long messedp relationship If only he can reconcile wanting Jolee a human with his 12 step program can everything be okay But how do you tell a woman you re falling for that you are not only a member of a blood drinking society but you re in self purgatory for horrendous acts you did As always Love s writing is playful and joyous With HEAs all around Cannot wait to read the next and last of the Young series that of Elizabeth Young little sister and werewolf 35 Stars. Sins Rhys and Sebastian step in to save him with the help of Christian's sexy neighbour Jolee.