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Caleb the Overcomer rFrankly as a conclusion to the series it was a let down and unsatisfying There is no trueesolution to the issue of the Vours and even less to Reggie s personal situation We are left not knowing whether she will become one of them or not And she ends up with uinn Not that she should have ended up with Aaron but after what she tells him and then just shacks up with uinn just bc they bonded over their traumatic experiences Sure there is time for her and Aaron but that just made me furious What You ll stay with uinn until you decide whether or not Aaron is worth it I just did not like any of the characters this time or the

Story Ugh Maybe It Had 
Ugh Maybe it had too long since I ead the others but this seemed less well written The uality of the writing in this series varies greatly from chapter to chapter Maybe what they say is true And There Were Several Writers Working On This But While there were several writers working on this But while the previous two we got some vivid well written chapters in between mediocre ones this book seemed much imbalanced Don t get me wrong there were still some chapters that made the book worth eading and not just so we can know how the series endsPersonally what I find terrifying is not so much the concept of scary monsters but the potential in all of us maybe the person sitting ight. The Vours Evil demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night the darkest hour of the winter solsticeIt's been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours and the winter solstice is approaching once again It will be another Night Of Unspeakable Horror of unspeakable horror Eft it at thatI hate it when nothing eally esolved at the end a trilogy and Fearscape is a perfect example of what I meanNone of my uestions were answered the end of a trilogy and Fearscape is a perfect example of what I meanNone of my uestions were answered any satisfaction It felt like the author was trying to leave themselves open in case they wanted to continue and turn this into a series view spoilerThe Vours were confusing and at the end not only are they not destroyed the idea that they might be from another dimension is stupid Are they demons or evil aliens If the Vours have scientists that doesn t seem very demon y sighIn most of the scenes with the Vours they seem like smokey spirits that screech a lot and delight in terrifying everyone around them Then in other scenes they have labs set up to figure out to make hybrids Their two sides didn t gel At least not to meAs far as the omance went I still don t understand how she ended up with uinn What was the attraction For either of them And poor Aaron Was he supposed to turn into some kind Of A Bad Ass a bad ass still seemed like a wiener to me I just didn t understand the dynamic between those three Reggie seemed to care about Aaron but she goes with uinn because he s got good abs It was weird And was it just me or did uinn s fingers seem to bleed a lot Sorry His finger stumps Guuuuuuuh hide spoile. He won't give up They attacked her brother They killed her friend And Reggie will never stop fighting back Fearscape Book 3 in the Devouring series ends this chilling trilogy with a thought provoking and deeply frightening story that will leave you with lasting terr. .

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Next to you on the bus maybe a member of your family to Commit Terrible Acts If terrible acts If compare how vital it was how we felt the need for Reggie to save her brother in the first book and all the implications of her possible failure the
Destruction Of Her Family Continuous 
of her family continuous inflicted by someone you love and still feel a visceral need to protect with the much clich and impersonal off to save the world thing I think the majority would feel a primal But That I Cant Believe! response to the first one The book suffered from a lack of the personal andelatable side of the charactersThat aside it s still a good trilogy and I Grange-Enders recommend it 45 stars Not my favorite in the series but I still enjoyed it a lot Ugh this trilogy deserves hype Thiseview can also be found on my blogI wish I could say that I loved this book but I didn t I heavily hinted Reggie goes into Fearscapes Ooga Booga BoogaEh You ve seen one you ve seen em all in my opinion They stopped being creepy after the 1st book and yet we are subjected to Boku Loli! 2 reading about them over and over and over again Aftereading the second book I was bored with it By this book it was full on annoying Yeah yeah maggots and ooze Grotesue creatures suishy walls and puppies with no eyes Boooooring Move onI liked the 1st book and I honestly wish I d R those unlucky enough to be taken by the Vours because this time she won't be able to stop them The enough to be taken by the Vours because this time she won't be able to stop them The have imprisoned Reggie in a psychiatric hospital where she is subjected to a daily outine of unfathomably sadistic experiments Her life is a living hell but Fearscape
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