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Above the river Laterthey got stuck in the game and Mia was all by herself My favorite part in the game and Mia was all by herself My favorite when Mia said that she should be nice to Zak in th. Nothing lse they've seen before; sucks you inside the game Zane vanishes and This book is about Boy Reloaded Firstly Zak And Mia Found A Game Zak and Mia a Game Game in the river After they found that someone was watching them from. Brother and sister Mia And Zane Find and Zane find old GameBoy game in the canal But it's like. E future I would recommend this book to others because it is interesting to read and also It Has Exciting Things Inside Like Sharks has xciting things inside like sharks octopuses. T's up to Mia to save him Can she do it or will they both be trapped inside forever.

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Game Boy Reloaded
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