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Coming HomeI wish I had known before I started reading this series that there was a trilogy that The Three Elizabeths preceded it The Last trilogy There are so many references to characters in these other books that I spent the first hundredages wondering if I d The Hate U Give picked up the wrong book in the series after carefully checking that it was the start of The Chesapeake Diaries My main comment about this novel is that it reads like a soap opera Thelot focuses on a group of core couples with a bunch of supporting characters on the eriphery that the reader can already *Tell Will Get Their *will get their stories The reader is supposed to be following Grady Shields and Vanessa Keaton as they meet and fall in love over the week that recedes his sister Mia s wedding to her brother Beck It s a little cheesy but once you get hooked you want to find out what happens next and can t stop watching The Sheet Metal Shop Practice plot even moves with the slowness of a television serial The reader gets to spend time with the inner thoughts of at last a half a dozen characters and the shifting POV further detracts from the focus on what is supposed to be therimary couple This definitely strips much of the emotion and connection to these characters and while it s good for building a series that will soon include a fifth book characters and while it s good for building a series that will soon include a fifth book didn t feel like the main characters ever really had much of a chance to stand center stage I will also add that I don t like the diary aspect of the novel as written by Grace Sinclair an elderly character who has lived in St Dennis all her life The entries felt like a rehash of everything I had just read and screamed JUST IN CASE YOU WEREN T PAYING ATENTION DURING THE LAST COUPLE OF CHAPTERS These diary entries would have been a lot interesting if they had offered some insight or secret insider knowledge that is after all what diaries in novels are for but they never seem to function in a Cait and the Devil productive way in this book Even the little surprise twist Grace offers isn t that exciting and I don t know how it will lead to anything in future books Another somewhat forgettable aspect of the narrative is the mystery that needs to be solved The first key event takeslace 175 ages into the story and Vanessa spends the next 100 ages minimizing the ossibility that someone might actually want to hurt her When the climax of the story finally does arrive it happens uickly and there is very little suspense or uestion about how everything will be resolved Although this story never truly moved me it did catch my interest enough to want to know what happens to the citizens of St Dennis I like Mariah Stewart s writing style and the characters she has created feel real I am compelled to return to St Dennis to find out how everybody else s story goes This isn t a series however that rises above simple like and will send me rushing to recommend it all my fellow romance lovers It s a good story set in an interesting community and would be an entertaining read for a lazy weekend or beach read but that s as far as I would suggest it Did this book bore you It did for me Usually when I read something terrible I can basically get it done in less than two days and give a long winded speech on how it fails at romance and how it is degrading to feminism etc etc etcSo you get the oint I gave it three stars because the author gets brownie An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters points for statingWhat sathetic is a man who is so small that he has to hurt someone else in order to feel like a man The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook p 202 In this case I m glad she brings up abuse and tackles it head on Vanessa faced two shitty marriages the second almost getting killed by her ex husband It doesn t help that her female role model was Maggie who went through crappy marriages and didn t bother raising her children in the firstlace Maggie dumps her son Beck on Hal s door with a birth certificate and later sends Vanessa there because she can t help in any way or formThe sense of community was there but I was rather bored with the daily interactions Despite having a stalker destroying Vanessa s Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 property and trying to get back at her St Dennis is a very dull town and even the newspaper editor bored me to tea. New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewartresents a captivating contemporary romance novel in the tradition of Robyn Carr Susan Mallery and Barbara FreethyIn the wake of his wife’s murder agent Grady Shields turned his back on the FBI and everything else to retreat into the vast solitude of Montana grieve for his lost love and forget the world But after years in seclusion his sister’s wedding draws him to St Dennis a eaceful town on th. ,

Rs with her diary entries that sounded obviously the author s voice No rule against that but it made me wonder if the author is boring in real life as well as her other worksThe suspense happened retty uickly as well as the attraction between Grady and Vanessa I didn t *expect sparks flying or some heated smut here *sparks flying or some heated smut here there But the moment they show interest the kissing and groping comes out of nowhere that I have to go back and re read the aragraph to expect some form of building emotional appeal for the reader I didn t get a whole lot of that If the author did a good job at something she was right about them being closed off Grady was great until he left Um okay I guess that Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, pissed me off a little You clearly love her but decide that leaving is the best for the both of you Because you can decide what s best for her feelings too I get that you re still wounded from your murdered wife but it doesn t make you a freakingsychic on how others feel exactly This is a book I won on the Goodreads FirstReads giveaway I received it yesterday and then when I started it last night I couldn t Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit put it downIt s a good story by Mariah StewartThis is aredictable romance story I could have Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, predicted what would happen and why What I liked about it was one of the main characters who had bad things happen in his life didn t have the WOE IS ME attitude Hishilosophy of I did what I could and I couldn t change certain things Let s move on is something On Moral Courage people need to use It s good that someone is not making excuses I llrobably read the other novels in her Chesapeake Diaries series I love Mariah Stewart s writing style and her flexibility with it Will this be a suspenseful book with romance or romance with a twist of suspense to keep things energized Well it doesn t matter to me which way it comes because I loved Coming Home I thoroughly enjoyed the romance and that it flowed naturally It helped whenever back story was mentioned in case you missed her earlier Last series I do love when an author finds characters that can be brought back It was a wonderful book romantic and funny and sassy and even suspenseful Bonus is that it is first in a new trilogy so I look forward to the second book coming in the fall I loved this book This is the first book I have read by Mariah Stewart and it will not be my last This is the first book in the Chesapeake Diaries series This was one of those romance novels that you did not want to Nanny by Chance put down I could have read 400ages of this book and not been sick of the characters The character of Grady sounds like my dream man A rough and rugged cowboy who has a soft and caring heart especially when it comes to Vanessa A woman who has made bad choices growing up but met up with her brother and her brothers father who helped her get back on her feet Grady and Vanessa s relationship was Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand perfect They both had something happen to them that they seemed closed off about until they found each other I found myself laughing and smiling a lot while reading this book It was just an amazing read and full of action Anyone that likes Debbie Macomber Sherryl Woods or Robyn Carr will love this book Coming Home is the first book in The Chesapeake Diaries series by Mariah Stewart It isart romance and art suspense but really it is a story about relationships and families The story takes lace in St Dennis a small town on the Chesapeake Bay This book helps to set up the next two books in the trilogy In this book you are introduced to all the key John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles players The focus of this book is Vanessa and Grady Both are wounded individuals when it comes to relationships but something clicks between them The romance blossoms much faster than it would in real life but hey this is romantic fiction It isn t real life Vanessa and Grady really seem to belong together regardless of the things that happened to them in theast The ast however doesn t want to stay in the ast Vanessa has a string of incidents happen that is than just a tiny olice matter and Grady feels the need to step in This is really when their relationship blossoms it is also when some other relat. E Chesapeake Bay Though he swears he isn’t interested in finding love again Grady can’t ignore the mutual sparks that fly when he meets Vanessa KeatonAlthough her ast was marked by bad choices Vanessa has found that coming to St Dennis is the best decision she’s ever made Bling her trendy boutiue is a success with tourists as well as with the townspeople She’s made friends has a home she loves and has established a life for herself far fro.

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Ionships start to mend I love the small town that MsStewart created in this book The townspeople are fun and much like those that you find all over America This book could easily have been about my town She keeps both the romance and the suspense fairly light making this a great read for the beach I can t wait to dive into the next book 4255I ve always loved Mariah Stewart s heartwarming love stories And this is another book from her that brought me such enjoyment Despite being a bit slow Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders paced at times this was a very nice andleasant read It was sweet beautiful touching and emotional I enjoyed reading this one a lot When Vanessa Keaton s escapes an abusive marriage she returns to the only Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards place she has ever really called home Whilst Hal is not really her stepfather any he and her half brother Beck have never treated Vanessa as anything other than family after she was dumped on their doorstep by her neglectful mother Maggie Now she has rebuilt her life She has a successful dress boutiue in the small town of St Dennis called Bling she has friends and she is happy being singleWith Beck getting married his fiancee has asked her to look after her reclusive brother Grady Shields who will be in town for just a few days for the wedding Grady is ex FBI but now he lives in the isolated wilds of Montana He operates adventure tours but mostly he just wants to be alone and has done so since the death of his wife while he was an FBI agent He is alsoretty sure he doesn t need a babysitter for the few days he is in town but he can t deny his attraction to VanessaWhen there are a series of incidents where Vanessa and her business appear to be the targets Grady steps in determined to rotect her no matter what it takesThis is one of if not the only books in the series to have that romantic suspense style subplot It isn t my favourite thing but I can live with it occasionallyRating 45See my thoughts on the first five books in the series here I downloaded this book for free from my library Somehow it got stuck in the section entitled historical romance First it isn t historical Second while it reads like a romance it is on the border of chic lit It also involves a lot of big heavy themes such as domestic violence grieving *WIDOWERS AND TWO GENERATIONS OF PEOPLE AND TWO GENERATIONS OF PEOPLE two generations of eople in love The backdrop is a town in the midst of revitalization a lot of Places of Performance people who get along really well for a small gossipy community One of the majorroblems in this book are diary entries from a senior citizen who has lived in this town forever While I m normally on board with different The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over points of view in italics this didn t work The italicizedarts read like a newspaper but I Don T Want To Read t want to read synopsis of the მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე previous chapter I would like a little insight or some foreshadowing on the upcoming chaptersThe Hero HeroineI liked them They seem like nice characters But they didn t have a story really The book was soopulated with secondary characters that the time spent on these two was rushed This is where it borders on chick lit because I know about the relationship between the heroine and her best friend than I do about the hero heroine Actually I was interested in the best friend and her story and I kind of lost interest in the heroine s This is one of those times that I wish I could give half stars because really this is a 25 review I The Heart of Business probably won t read from this author unless I stumble upon the best friend s story at someoint in the future I read this because the Read Between the Wines group chose it Our book hostess this month met the author and had never read anything by her soThe story is Treasures of Darkness predictable and contrived The characters are cliche and rather silly The writing is a lot of tell tell tell The scenery is interesting being familiar with Annapolis helped my interest and this set up a number of side stories for future books about the small town I was entertained by it in that same way I m entertained by Chef Ramsey on Master Chef I don t like him but I don t change the channel eitherNot that I ve read worse is a very good review but that s kind of where this one stands. M the nightmare she left behind The last thing she’s looking for is romance but the hot new man in town is hard to resist And when Vanessa’sast catches up with her Grady finds that he’s unwilling to let her become a victim again As together they fight her demons Grady and Vanessa discover that life still holds some surprises and that love doesn’t always have to hurtBONUS This edition includes an excerpt from Mariah Stewart's Long Way Home.