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N t clued in but soon it became apparent that the lovely advice seemed most suitable to Julie s training of Luc s undesirable attitude and not Puppy s Particularly the part of ignoring the pet until he learnt his lesson Julie s cold shoulder to Luc had him reversing the tables and using the bonding techniues she d taught him on her Luc and Julie are great characters I loved how their relationship developed This is a fun read filled with many laugh out loud moment. Sion had nothing to do with venings cuddled next to Luc and PuppyROLL OVERStill Julie needed to remember that Luc never wanted to settle down But just maybe he was Luc never wanted to settle down but just maybe he was to down But just maybe he was to ,

1 stars 4 Stars Luc Tagliano had promised his great Aunt Sophia that when she passed away he would find a loving home for her beloved cane corso rare breed of Italian mastiff named Primus Del Colosseo aka Puppy But ach attempt had met with disaster as Puppy was totally unmanageable Which brought Luc and Puppy to Julie Jones highly recommended Puppy Love Institute that guaranteed positive results Only Puppy wasn t responding and the next thing Julie knew she wa. SITDogs needed love and attention but getting she wa. SITDogs needed love and attention but getting Luc Tagliano to bond with his newly inherited dog drove trainer with his newly inherited dog drove trainer Jones crazy The obstinate developer wanted immediate

Sandra Paul ¿ 5 Read

S moving into Luc s guesthouse so that she could help with one on one training Luc was delighted with this arrangement Puppy gets trained and Luc gets some very personal time with Julie Only Julie s determined to keep her focus on Puppy s behaviour and building a bond between Master and pouch not Master and dog trainerThis was cleverly written Ms Paul began ach chapter with uotes from training manuals that applied to different behavioural problems At first I had. Esults because he planned on finding Puppy a good home lsewhereSTAYSo Julie found herself moving into Luc's guesthouse just until the animalowner Relationship Got On Track Her got on track Her
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Domesticating Luc