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Cast Stacy out like that I can t really forgive him for that hide spoiler There was no secret life of Evie Hamilton nothing about her life was revealed that wasn t already told us from the start She was lazy and swanned about through her days with her mind only on herself The selfish life of Evie s Hamilton or the self centered life of Evie Hamilton would have been appropriate titles She was a ept woman one child at private school husband at work and a cleaner for goodness sake she Didn T Even Clean t even clean own house and she had nothing else to do And she forgot when she offered to help someone and took advantage of when she offered to help someone and took advantage of sister in law and brother who were unbelievably busy So by the end when she took on an enormous amount of responsibility in various ways I wanted to put my head in my hands as she was bound to screw it all up Nothing told us she was reformed in any way Good read bit frustrating I wanted to hit her up side her head at certain moments when she was being completely daft A bit treacly you now emotionally manipulative planned tear jerker overly sweet overly long Too many descriptions of everything people #relationships d cor The premise is that a happily married couple find out that the #d cor The premise is that a happily married couple find out that the has a daughter from a one night stand with a student while engaged to his wife Oops The daughter who is 17 writes to her father and asks to meet him The wife Evie is angry and heartbroken and wants nothing to do with girl or her mother But eventually she comes around This is a book about growing up although Evie is in her mid 40 s by the time she embarks on the processThe only parts of the book that I truly enjoyed were the scenes with Ludo I was sick of Ant the nice decent honest husband who went out and had sex with a student while engaged and then walked away from her and went back to his engagement and got married never telling I was like what is so honest and decent about that As I said treacly sht Evie has a personality wh. Ng when a letter – a ticking time bomb – lands on Evie’s immaculate doormat Something she never anticipated threatens to sabotage all that she holds dear It’s time for her to reappraise ev.

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The Secret Life of Evie HamiltonIch when she isn t repressing it in order to educated and upper class is suprisingly enjoyable The scenes included Ludo were very funny and sparky reading But the rest of it you had all the reuisite characters including her gay friend Malcolm the reuisite situations including a person who is conveniently dying the reuisite blather of emotions and revelations 519 pages of itFunny stuff Ludo and Evie Camilla and Heccy and pig Leonard at the wedding Although be prepared much of the humor is base vulgar tasteless For someone who likes chick lit it brings out the sarcastic in me this is probably a good bookIf it hadn t been for Ludo I would have given this book a lower ratingBack to this review the next day I like this book less with a day of thinking about it I m giving it the lower rating I had been contemplating earlier wwwsnazzybookscom The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton was so much fun I laughed out loud at Evie s antics countless times often chick lit which is supposed to be humorous is actually a bit try hard or not uite to my humour but I found to be humorous is actually a bit try hard or not uite to my humour but I found novel really entertainingThere were some pretty emotional parts to The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton and the way Alliott blends humour and poignance so seamlessly is a testament to her writing and skill The characters are just brilliant some likeable than others and I got so into the story that I really wanted to give some characters a good slap at timesHaving read Wish You Were Here recently I wanted to read by her and this certainly didn t disappoint She s up there now with some of my other favourite authors in this genre Marian Keyes and JoJo Moyes are another few of my favourites and I ll be reading as and when I can brilliant I loved it so funny in places will definitely seek out of her books I really could identify with Evie her thoughts and actions are so what I d do Seemed like it was going to be better than it was A lot of interesting set up but tied up too neatl. Erything in her carefully arranged universe Is Evie strong enough to fight for what she loves What will be left and what will change forever And can her world really be as fragile as her best chin. ,