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An Eye for an Eye iD Yam Yam I tend to stick to literary novels and poetry collections butn recent years I ve discovered that my guilty pleasure Still Side by Side is reading rock star biographies and memoirs I would have to say that this ones my favorite "so far depicting Rob Halford s early years al the way through fifty years as lead singer "far depicting Rob Halford s early years al the way through fifty years as lead singer Judas Priest and a few other bands Halford s warm conversational style when depicting good times and bad leaves the reader feeling as Oriori No Uta if having a conversation with a dear friend over coffee He describes his life with a sharp often self deprecating sense of humor depicting himself not only as the lion tamer of a heavy metal but also perhaps the world s mostnept gay man struggling at every turn to deal with his sexuality His adventures are fun hilarious sad beautiful His meditations go deep and adventures are fun hilarious sad beautiful His meditations go deep and no punches This autobiography Four Word Film Reviews is everything a reader will want being a fan of the band or not Highly recommended Excellent rock bio with the right mix of personal and band history There s a LOT about Rob s sexuality both hidingt and exploring Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes it and the book maybe could have subbed a few hook up stories for Priest anecdotes For that matter why are so many rock stars compelled tonclude the grossest road memories they can think of Yes to nearly freezing to death Crystal Decoder in a broke down tour van no to shittingn an envelope and throwing You Owe Me One it out the window All that being said I loved getting to know Rob on suchntimate terms Plus contrasting his account of the band s past with KK s was fascinating Neither can deny KK liked to complain but there s a wide gap Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes in their perception of any bandssues Rob Halford Second Son (Jack Reacher, is the Greatest Heavy Metal Vocalist that ever lived There must be something crazy going onn this dude s throat for him to be able to scream the way he does t is a physical aberration that sounds like nothing else any of a physical aberration that sounds like nothing else any of have ever heard from a human being ever n history before Rob Halford s also a great friend I was honored to host a discussion of his book Confess with Changing Hands bookstore which was a lot of fun even though I couldn t really work my zoom call although I have figured t out. Forged Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller in the Black Country Confess his full autobiographys an unforgettable rock 'n' roll story a journey from a Walsall council estate to musical fame via alcoholism addiction police cells The Perfect Child ill fated sexual trysts and bleak personal tragedy through to rehab coming out redemption and finding love Now hes telling his gospel truth Told with Halford's trademark self deprec. ,

I don t usually seek out memoirs from celebrities They are often poorly written and ultimately far too reliant on anecdote nstead of A really honest and straightforward account of the METAL GOD S LIFE I FELT God s life I felt Halford s personality and humour really came across n this As someone who was raised listening Judas Priest I know the music but wasn t familiar with a huge amount of the context for their albums so I enjoyed getting a glimpse True Prosperity into the songwriting process and the line up changes Halford has battled some demons throughout his life and I appreciated the candour with which he discusses his experiences I m thrilled he s able to live his life as the openly gay rock god that hes and I d heartily recommend this to metal fans everywhere I have to admit that I am not the most devoted Heavy Metal fan out there but I do have a weakness for Judas Priest especially for the classic albums British Steel and Painkiller I knew very little about frontman Rob Halford before I came to his memoir but from the first few pages I was totally hooked Halford s journey from struggling Black Country singer to literal Metal God Thing He Loves is absolutely fascinating Halford writes about his battles with drink drugs and his own sexualityn a very honest and straight talking manner Putting his most
Painful Memories Down On Paper 
memories down on paper have been an easy experience and I thank him for that Ever since I was a kid I ve loved reading about rock stars and their unworldly lives and this book didn t disappoint getting handcuffed to Andy Warhol an awkward encounter with Madonna opening for Led Zeppelin and meeting Gaga and superfan Johnny Depp Confess was an absolute blast Epic Touching and funny And brutally honest Like most people I knew and funny And brutally honest Like most people I knew few of the Priest songs hell they re on my travelling playlist for the car but I didn t know much about the band Well this book has given a new Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital insight andt wasn t like your typical rock star autobiography Rob has detailed the struggles Search Marketing Strategies in his life with a refreshing honesty andt was well worth reading It didn t read like a pharmaceutical textbook and he has shown that at heart he No Capital Required is still a prou. The legendary frontman of Judas Priest one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time celebrates five decades of heavy metaln this tell all memoir Most priests hear confessions This one Programming in Swift is making hisRob Halford front man of globalconic metal band Judas Priest WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide is a true Metal God Raisedn Britain's hard working heavy ndustrial heartland he and his music were. Since then thank you very much This book spares no "detail which s why I have given Girls Like Us it five stars It s like Robs talking to you straight from "which Affiliate Marketing Then and Now is why I have givent five stars It s like Rob The Invisible Presence is talking to you straight from page and just ass the case with Judas Priest songs you will learn words you ve never known existed before You will also learn a lot of other things you never knew existed too n this book How Rob Halford carried the secrecy of his personal life throughout the mayhem Of The Eighties Heavy Metal the eighties heavy metal s astonishing as a story Sticky Wisdom ints own right Go behind the scenes of making all the Online Marketing incredible Priest solo records and get all the details from the Metal God himself on the history of Judas Priest No One better to tellt than Rob Halford Thank you for an Spoiled incredible book and anncredible life I have to say I really liked this book I found The Business of Family Business it verynsightful of the Metal God s life But I want to say right off the bat I am a huge fan of Judas Priest and Rob s solo work as well so that might make me biased Still I found Healing Herbs Spices it a great book Rob gives us a full view of his life From a young boyn the Black County right up to having to put the 50th anniversary tour for Priest on hold due to Covid He gives us a very uncensored view of what Kit de Formation Microsoft TCP/IP it was like to build up the band He also gives us a very uncensored look at whatt was like growing up gay and having to hide t because at first t was a crime Binary Sound (Boston, in the UK and then being the lead singern a huge heavy metal band Now I am not saying Hidden (Otherworld Stories, it getsnto the description of sex but you do get an education on the lengths he went though to hook up with guys It was really sad to se Heartfelt and very entertaining also full of surprises that I did not expect As a long time fan of the man and the band this Led Astray is everything I could have wantedn a memoir Thank you Rob You don t need to be a Priest fan to love this book This autobiography s amazing one of the most candid personal stories I have read Priest fan to love this book This autobiography s amazing one of the most candid personal stories I have read a very long time And you really don t have to be a Priest fan Human Error if you want to understand whatt means to have to live your life closed not Local Online Marketing in a closet butn a heavy metal vault this book will touch you deeply Glad you made Les grands vaincus de l'histoire it out Rob. Ating deadpan Black Country humor Confesss the story of an extraordinary five decades No 91 A Belfast Ghost Story in the musicndustry It Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing is also the tale of unlikely encounters with everybody from Superman to Andy Warhol Madonna Jack Nicholson and the ueen More than anything elset's a celebration of the fire and power of heavy metal Rob Halford has decided to Confess Because t's good for the so. Confess: The Autobiography