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Friends I admit I was struggling "through the rather academic Introduction But ave faith Once we meet the Cows the book chugs " the rather academic Introduction But Malice (Conspiracy 365, have faith Once we meet the Cows the book chugs merrily There s no shortage ofilarious vintage photos with just about everyone in ippy Haircuts And Outrageous And Often Illuminating War and outrageous and often illuminating war And I can t say it better than the author Dagmar Krause s material on the other and is the kind of lunar voyage that reminds one ow fortunate we are that a few record execs smoked dope in the late 1960s ow else could this music ave slipped through the cracksWe need a kickstarter to supply free dope to today s record execsThe music of Henry Cow and associates ave s record execsThe music of Henry Cow and associates Saint Paul, Apostle of Nations have a major and formative part of my listening experiences So it s easy for me to forget that back in the late 60searly 70s they were young earnest English blokes trying to navigate the space between a Cambridge background and the changes and chaos in Europe There are lots of candid comments from the band esp Frith on personal relationships and stressful situations One little uote one of the cofounders sayse joined a band to attract girls and the other to escape themI understand that if the book is going to appear under Duke University Press it would need that Afterword But I don t The Clothier Natural Jumping Method have to read all of it sorry Extensive research went into this book which iseavily detailed and interesting to read One of the finest ensembles of avant rock whose interaction with experimental music free improv and rock was combined with political engagement and experiments in collectivism I was a little reluctant to read this book A music professor who is going to write a In its open improvisations lapidary lyrics errant melodies and relentless pursuit of spontaneity the British experimental band Henry Cow pushed rock music to its limits Its rotating personnel sprung from rock free jazz and orchestral worlds synthesized a distinct sound that troubled genre lines and with this musical diversity came a mixed politics including Maoism com. Henry Cow

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Ook about one of my favorite bands That is asking for trouble Henry Cow declared the world a problem mixed rock with free jazz Cow declared the world a
"Problem Mixed Rock With Free "
mixed rock with free written orchestral music wonderful song based albums with singer Dagmar Krause endless political meetings remember the seventies En Passant created a uality record label Recommended Records created a music movement Rock in Opposition and then broke into many wonderful and interesting alliancesProfessor Benjamin Piekut did a wonderful job Drawing on 90 interviews with Henry Cow musicians and remarkable in a rock bio crew letters notebooks scores journals and meeting notes Piekut traces the group pursuit of a Political And Musical CollectivismPersonally I and musical collectivismPersonally I the descriptions of the creation of group improvisations a regular part of the HC concerts very interesting and educational Piekut as written an infectious book An interesting insight into the sometimes troubled lives of interesting musicians In the seventies a beacon for us ordinary mortalsAnd what a wonderful opportunity to play those beautiful records again As a self proclaimed fat book charting the birth life and painful death of the vernacular avantgarde rockband Henry Cow this might sound like Monty heavy reading But once your through the academic framing of the book you ll find aighly interesting tale of a self conscious and idealistic rockband on a crash course with the music industry each other and with the world as a whole The world is a problem indeed and will continue to be so But it s important to try than not to and that is what you as the reader will bring with you in the end the importance to keep on pu. Munism feminism and Italian Marxism In Henry Cow The World Is a Problem Benjamin Piekut tells the band’s story from its founding in Cambridge in 1968 and later affiliation with Virgin Records to its demise ten years later and analyzes its varied efforts to link aesthetics with politics Drawing on ninety interviews with Henry Cow musicians and crew letters notebooks. Shing the boundaries of what a rockband can be Benjamin Piekut as really demonstrated a model of engaging and engaged scholarship that walks the difficult line between the academic and the popular a line that needs to be challenged often from both sides The World is a Problem is smart informative comprehensive and ighly detailed without ever both sides The World is a Problem is smart informative comprehensive and Coming Home (Chesapeake Diaries highly detailed without ever into a chronological litany of then the band did this and then thisappened Instead Piekut situates is material with the broader social
"And Political Contexts That Henry "
political contexts that Henry were operating in and through We get unflinching looks and reflections on internal misogyny and feminist politics a fantastic discussion of the Eurological and the Afrological as it may be read through Henry Cow and uestions of race the band s struggle to articulate anti fascist aesthetics in the face of punk and the Rock Against Racism movement cogent musical analysis and an interrogation of what it means to be a committed collective political entity in the arts and the attendant problems that come with it sexual political and social All of this done with engaging prose and clear storytelling I m still parsing Piekut s last chapter on a vernacular avant garde but with this last piece e as made an important contribution to the scholarship of the avant garde and pushed its borders forward Maybe a little TMI in some areas but this book was inspiring to me as someone Maybe a little TMI in some areas but this book was inspiring to me as someone was involved in making rock music on the fringes It shows ow HC really laid the groundwork in so many areas not only musically A dense academic consideration of the politically progressive English band Henry Cow. Scores journals and meeting notes Piekut traces the group’s pursuit of a political and musical collectivism offering up its istory as but one example of the vernacular avant garde that emerged in the decades after World War II Henry Cow’s story resonates far beyond its inimitable music; it speaks to the avant garde’s unpredictable potential to transform the wor. .

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