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The Puppy Who Knew Too Much Dog Club Mystery #2In book two of this delightful series Lilly Echosby and her toy oodle Aggie named after her favorite author Agatha Christie have now moved to Chattanooga Tennessee to be near her best friend Dixie Lilly looking for a fresh start after solving The Murder Of Her Ex Husband Is murder of her ex husband is to find the An Eye for an Eye perfect residence for her and herup with Dixie s help Interesting characters abound in this community along with those responsible for the Homeowners Association Unfortunately her next door neighbor In THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO "MUCH V M Burns has enned an entertaining whodunit that will leave "V M Burns has enned an entertaining whodunit that will leave begging for I thoroughly enjoyed this story With wonderful characters both human and canine I uickly felt like I had known them all for some time And it was a lot of fun to see the dogs Oriori No Uta playing aart in solving the case A great Four Word Film Reviews plot and a complex mystery I found it very hard tout this book down I kept telling myself just one Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes page One chapter Well I m sure you know how that worked out I didn t let it out of my sight until I had finished Pick up a copy of THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH You re going to be happy you did The story is cute with strong and sassy leading female characters Protagonist Lilly Echosby is a recently divorced CPA who s just moved from Indiana to Chattanooga Tennessee with her toyoodle Aggie short for Agat netgalleyI cannot say enough about this series It is sweet with a slight romantic element family oriented female empowering and of course MURDERLily has Crystal Decoder put herast behind her and started a new life in Chattanooga With the help of her best friend Dixie she is settling in well in her new surrounding With a new home and job everything seems to be falling into lace well until she stumbles upon a dead body With home and job everything seems to be falling into lace well until she stumbles upon a dead body With help of Dixie Stephanie Joe and Joe s friend Red the investigation begins This book has just as many twists at the first and I had no idea who the killer was nor did I expect the Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes plot twists I love the shenanigans the ladies get into as well as the budding romances throughout This book releases on February 12 2019 and I highly recommend it Very fun cozy mystery It appealed to me as a dogerson and anyone who loves dogs will most likely enjoy it I wasn t sure who did it all the way up to the end and even then got surprised I knew I loved this new series when I read the first book but after reading this one I am beyond in love with it It s the Second Son (Jack Reacher, perfect cozy mystery with a great twist Lilly Echosby had made her move to Chattanooga TN and no sooner had she moved into a house she was going to rent when she found a body in the woods nearby It was identified as her landlord that she d never met After another body turned up and Lilly was told by the local officer that she was aerson of interest the TBI officer that had befriended her family took over the case He hadn t known Lilly that long but he realized it was futile to ban her from investigating And as usual she and her friends came together at the end to solve the murders The twist was great and I definitely never saw that comingI loved how Lilly s daughter Stephanie immediately bonded with the Golden Retriever that they d found cowering under the deck at the house She got him medical help and he trul Dollycas s ThoughtsLilly Echosby has left Indiana behind and followed her best friend Scarlett Dixie Jefferson to Tennessee It took a while but a chance encounter helped Lilly finds not only a job but a house to rent that was in her budget and allowed her adorable toy United States of Americana poodle Aggie She. Lilly Echosby and her toyoodle Aggie find a fresh start in Chattanooga Tennessee spoiled by the scent of murder   Having solved the shooting death of her cheating husband Lilly's left behind the drama of Lighthouse Dunes Indiana to start over in the hometown of her best friend Scarlett Dixie Jeff. .
Is excited her daughter Stephanie is coming to visit to help her get settled Lilly finds it refreshing how friendly everyone is until she meets her new neighbor He is not happy about having another dog in the neighborhood Her daughter also falls hard for a golden retriever found under Lilly s deck After rushing it to the vet and getting its injuries cared for she declares she won t be giving it up without a fightWhen dear sweet Aggie digs up a body instead of a bone the neighbor is apoplectic and Lilly finds herself back on a suspect list Stephanie calls in the cavalry aka Joe her new boyfriend the one that helped clear her mom in Lighthouse Dunes He in turn calls in a friend and they along with Dixie are all determined to find the real killer especially after another body is foundFirst the cover is a little deceiving The two standard oodles owned by Dixie and Lilly s Aggie return in this story where they all make a new friend Aggie does start obedience classes with Dixie where a variety of dogs come togetherLilly can t catch a break but she has the The Perfect Child perseverance to keep moving forward New house new job neweople in her life and another murderer on the loose She uickly finds new friends at her job and they are so supportive I loved her new boss Linda Kay and love that we have something in common The author does such an excellent job with all the characters They have depth and something about them that draws the reader in and Lost Horizon pushes us to want to know them better Even the cantankerous neighbor and the man that used to have Lilly s jobMoving Lilly to Tennessee adds a very interesting twist She was used to the flatlands of Indiana and Dixie lives on a mountain top with a fantastic view The road to get there was winding and narrow and made Lily very nervous with its huge dropoffs She is also very unfamiliar with the area and dependent on her GPS Eachlace was nicely described as we readers saw it through Lilly s eyes for the first time right along with herThe mystery was not easy to solve with the reuisite twists and turns What I love and what makes this story uniue in the True Prosperity part the canineslay in solving it all The motives were very unclear and the clues weren t falling into Thing He Loves place either until the wonderful surprising and exciting endingWelllotted and written this story was hard to Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital put down A complex mystery with its share of Southern charm and humor Right in Chapter 1 Lilly experiences her first Bless Your Heart which she learned was Southern speak for You re an idiot I really enjoy the way VM Burns tells a story The care she takes with her characters is commendable and her love of dogs glows within theagesI highly recommend this series I can t wait for book 3 The Puppy Who Knew Too Much is the second book in the A Dog Club Mystery seriesLilly has taken the The Puppy Who Knew Too Much is the second book in the A Dog Club Mystery seriesLilly has taken the of Dixie her friend from college and has moved to Chattanooga where Dixie lives to start a new life after the death of her husband was murdered While having lunch at a restaurant Lilly is discussing the need to find affordable housing and a job Jo Ellen Hansen "sitting at a table next to them catches their attention and tells Lilly that she can rent her son s house "at a table next to them catches their attention and tells Lilly that she can rent her son s house Lilly She says that her son is working in the Cayman Islands and that she can move in right away Lilly s daughter Stephanie arrives at her mother is moving in and will help her to unpack and get the house organized Lilly learns that there is a homeowners association meeting and decides to attend thinking that it would be a good. Erson As she gets settled in her new rented house Lilly gives Aggie short for Agatha Christie her own fresh start by enrolling her in the Eastern Tennessee Dog Club where Dixie is a trainer   But drama seems to hound Lilly like a ersistent stray Her cranky new neighbor appears unfamiliar with Sout. .

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Way to meet her neighbors She does meet "her next door neighbor Theodore Livingston Livingston is a cantankerous old man and Lilly ends up getting into "next door neighbor Theodore Livingston Livingston is a cantankerous old man and Lilly ends up getting into heated debate Later while walking her oodle Aggie finds a body in a shallow grave Lilly is able to convince the olice that she wasn t in the area when the body had been buried But the next day she makes some cookies and goes next door to apologize to Livingston but instead she finds that he has been Murdered When The Police When the olice of her argument with him she becomes a Programming in Swift primary suspect Stephanie s boyfriend Joe Harrison arrives and offers to help them learn who Livingston killer might have beenJo Ellen also gives Lilly thehone number of Chattanooga Museum of Arts who is looking for an accountant Lilly ends up getting the job and she finds the books are in an absolute mess Linda Kaye Weyman the director of the museum that Freemont Hopewell the great grandson of the museum founder had no idea what he was doing With Lilly having to take time off she is worried that the museum will let her go and she really does love the job Luckily Weyman likes her and is willing to work with Lilly about the time offAs they begin to investigate the murder and the other death things aren t adding up for Harrison and he asks an old friend Red Olson an investigator with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to come help them with their sleuthingOnce again V M Burns gives us a very exciting and well lotted story There were a lot of red herrings that kept me guessing who the murderer was until the end I really enjoy the characters who are all interesting and believable I love reading about all the dogs tooI m
really looking forward 
looking forward the next book Bark If It s Murder that will be out in August The second book in this The Dog series is as good as the first one Lilly Echosby has moved to Chattanooga Tennessee She is training Abbie in obedience and working as an accountant at a local museum She rented a house in a subdivision where she meets a crabby neighbor On a walk Abbie finds a dead body in the woods nearby Her daughter Stephanie is visiting her to aid her moving into her new home The first night she finds a golden retriever under orch who is badly hurt Her boyfriend Joe a K 9 handler is worried about Stephanie and has joined Lilly and her daughter in Tennessee The characters are fully developed and have attractive traits even the dogs Joe has to return to work asked friend to watch over the house and residents The house is ransacked and the body of the crabby is found The various trends are skillfully brought together for an entrainment read The The Puppy Who Knew Too Much by VM Burns was an engaging second book in the Dog Club Mystery seriesLilly Echosby and her toy The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash poodle Aggie have moved to Chattanooga TN to start a new life Her best friend Dixie has welcomed her to her home town and is ready to help her get settled I love both of these women They are both smart independent and determined Fortune smiles on Lilly when she meets Mrs Hanson who decides to rent her son s house and she knows about a job opening that would beerfect for Lilly Lilly s new job is at The Chatanooga Art Museum and Linda Kay her boss and Jacob a co worker make her feel right at home Unfortunately the good luck stops there as Aggie discovers a body on their morning walk after moving into their new home The story moved uickly with twists and turns few suspects and no clear motives to keep readers turning the Girls Like Us pages as they follow the clues I reall. Hern hospitality and complains that Aggie barks too much and digs up hisrized tulips But what the Affiliate Marketing Then and Now poodle actually unearths is the buried body of a mysterious man who claimed ownership of the lost golden retriever Lilly recently rescued Now it's up to Lilly and Dixie to try to muzzle another murder.

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