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Business outcomes is a strong new hook For Designers To Orchestrate And Define designers to orchestrate and define what company will deliver and why From designer s perspective there is danger in the implicit argument that innovation of any form is good as long as it succeeds Jobs Theory can be used as a framework for successful innovation but the book never discusses or attends to the larger and long term conseuences of innovation be it in yellow fats category the transportation industry or for companies that produce new and innovative packagings of flavored sugar water From our beloved professor who came up with the Innovator s Dilemma Christensen s now back with a book 20 years later The title Competing Against Luck does not really describe what the book is about This is Christensen s own perspective on Needfinding as most of us know already today By Breaking It Down breaking it down atomic pieces called Jobs by userscustomers to be Done He drills in the same concept repeatedly to the reader chapter after chapter applied to different contexts For those who already familiar with the needfinding process this might seem repetitive although the many xamples at the industrybusiness wide level might be useful for the unacuainted this is a great lens to view why certain products Nanny by Chance existOne nugget from his own observations of the struggle of public schools to improve is that they fail to realize this We concluded that school is not a job that children are trying to do School is one of the things that children might hire to do the job But the job is that children need to feel successfulvery day And they need friends Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand every day Sure I could hire school to do these jobs But I could drop out of school and hire a gang to feel successful and have friends Or I could drop out of school get a minimum wage job toarn some money and buy a car and cruise around the neighborhood with my friends As a result alternative schools such as Khan academy and Alt School have been set up with the xplicit goal of helping children feel successful at school are succeeding at fulfilling this job Lots to digest here and I think I ll need a re read to get verything out of it Seems like a very useful and focused approach to understanding product development and innovation Now I m curious about applying these ideas to platform and service John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles engineering Going to be thinking about this one for a while I m sure Having been active in Computer Science my whole life since high school I was alwaysxposed to an ndless stream of conversations around the subject of startups and innovation that after a few years becomes repetitive and very hard to take seriouslyI think this book helped rehabilitate the two words in my mind and managed to xpress in simple and clear terms via The Theory of Jobs what the difference is between wantrepreneurism and products that people can t resist paying for Brandi recommends While I have read about Clayton Christensen s theory on disruption and also his work this is his first book that I read After wanting to read his work for long I have finally got to it The book discusses how innovation need not be about luck There is a way to innovate and most companies can find This is where Jobs Theory comes in innovation is not about asking the customer what they want or the problems they face importantly it works when you understand what job the customer is trying to get done and consid More than 10 000 business books are published Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 each year and most of them are rubbish Butvery year there are also some gems And among the gems there s usually a few candidates for the business book hall of fame True greats that hold timeless wisdom content that will be relevant for many many years to come Competing against Luck by Clayton Christensen Taddy Hall Karen Dillon and David S Duncan is one of them It s a book about innovation and customer choiceInnovation is the lifeblood of our Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders economy If companies don t innovate they don t grow and they don t create jobs Large scale failure to innovate is a problem and it s at the heart of what we re seeing in developedconomies today almost zero growth and stubbornly high unemployment rates pushed up by one jobless recovery after another I m strongly convinced that the problem is a microeconomic not a macroeconomic one That s why all the government stimulus programs and central banks opening the money supply floodgates have proven largely ineffective If anything the resulting abundance of money zero or Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards even negative interest rates and skyrocketing government debt are likely to have negativeffects on growth and jobs But that would be for another postNo the root cause can be found at the level of the individual Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, enterprise that fails to innovate Two main factors are at play The first is what Clayton Christensen in some of hisarlier work called the Capitalist s Dilemma which makes it perfectly rati. Offering powerful new insightsAfter years of research Christensen has come to one critical conclusion our long held maxim that understanding the customer is the crux of innovation is wrong Customers don’t buy products or services; they hire them to do a job Understanding customers does not drive innovation success he argues Understanding customer jobs does The Jobs to Be Done approach can be seen in some of the world’s most respected companies and fast growing startups including Intuit Uber Airbnb and Chobani yogurt to name just a few But this book is not about celebrating these successes it’s about pr. In this book Christensen t

Al Take Aim At The 
take aim at the held notion that luck need be a significant part of success arguing that a proper understanding and application of the Theory notion that luck need be a significant part of success arguing that a proper understanding and application of the Theory Jobs can dramatically de risk new ventures I m folding their insights into the service offerings of my own business as an thnography of demand market research phase but the book rightly argues that a clear job spec The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over expressed in verbs and nouns at the proper level of abstraction can act as anffective standard for the organization to rally around resulting in several specific benefits 1 distributed decision making 2 resource optimization 3 inspiration and 4 better measurement And of course a sustainably successful nterprise Here optimization 3 inspiration and 4 better measurement And of course a sustainably successful nterprise Here some of my favorite notes There s no such thing as average in the real world And innovating toward average is doomed to fail pg xix The Heart of Business eg air force s failed sizing of cockpits in 1950s for average height vs better solution of adjustable seats Theories teach me not what to think but rather how to think pg 26 Commonly used but highly insufficient organizing principles in innovation are often 1 product attributes 2 customer characteristics 3 trends 4 competitive response Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Really we compete withverything you do to relax We compete with video games We compete with drinking a bottle of wine We compete with other video networks Playing board games pg 37 Competing Against Luck When you are solving a customer s job your products Treasures of Darkness essentially become services What matters is not the bundle of product attributes you rope together but thexperiences you Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) enable to help your customers make the progress they want to make pg 64 I have found that creating the right set ofxperiences around a clearly defined job and then organizing the company around those Menopause and the Mind experiences almost inoculates you against disruption pg 124 If you can t describe what you are doing as a process then you don t know what you are doing W Edwards Deming pg 153 All data is man made pg 189 This has numerous implicationsg vanity of weighing uant over ual or active over passive data A mentor suggested me this book and I am glad he did Often in my career I have had heard topics that we need to innovate or we need to innovate now I would be skeptical as to how can innovate be a planned verb It must be a light bulb moment or an aha momentHowever this books has some answers it may not be a silver bullet however it helps think in the right direction It gives some points samples Software (The Body Electric Book 4) examples to start looking atA good read overall Makes a good case for first principles Why does someone use your product What s the job they hire it for Once you understand what they want to accomplish you can figure out ways to help them to do it There are some good insights on how active metrics can distort the world view with fake precision and how processes and org structure can be a way to orient people around customers jobs to be done It s a minor peeve but some case studies didn t add much to the message and could ve been skipped Jobs Theory fully the Theory of Jobs to be Done is framed around the central construct of a Job that a product or service is hired to do or fired for not doing Clayton Christensen and co authors argue that successful innovation is not dictated by luck it s predicated on a company s ability to uncover define and organize to deliver on a Job to be Done implicitly orxplicitlyThe core idea of a Job to be Done is intuitive people don t want products they want to make progress in their life They don t want a drill they want a uarter inch hole But there s a bit nuance the Job is only Internet Marketing Essentials exists in a specific context circumstances and the Job must be fulfilled at functional social andmotional levels See also Don Norman s three levels of cognitive processingFor many the core ideas behind Jobs Theory and necessary skills of practice aren t new Researchers should be familiar with needfinding and synthesizing goals at Internet Marketing Revealed emotional functional and social levels both are analogous to uncovering a Job Designers should be familiar with definingnd to Email Advertising Crash Course end servicexperiences depicting how customers will make progress on their Job in specific circumstances of use Business leaders and consultants will be familiar with the work of aligning larger teams around a specific purpose the Job to be Done and implementing process and structure oriented around the customer s needs rather than an internal and limiting capability or functional point of viewCompeting Against Luck unifies these themes of research design xecution and alignment in a broad business context innovation It presents the case that a Jobs to be Done orientation allows businesses to remove luck from the uation with a causal understanding of why attempts to innovate will succeed or not Design is never discussed Sećanja explicitly but Jobs Theory rooted in. The foremost authority on innovation and growth presents a path breaking bookvery company needs to transform innovation from a game of chance to one in which they develop products and services customers not only want to buy but are willing to pay premium prices forHow do companies know how to grow How can they create products that they are sure customers want to buy Can innovation be than a game of hit and miss Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has the answer A generation ago Christensen revolutionized business with his groundbreaking theory of disruptive innovation Now he goes further.

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Onal for managers to liminate jobs rather than to invest in that creates jobs The second is that innovation rather than invest in innovation that creates jobs The second is that innovation most companies is still painfully hit and miss Essentially we rely on luck And it shows According to a recent McKinsey poll 84% of global xecutives declared that innovation is Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies extremely important to their growth strategies yet an incredible 94% were unsatisfied with their own innovation performance How can that be It seems we ve largely been asking the wrong uestions We ve been pre occupied with product features performance attributes customer segments and correlation as in this customer looks like that one 68% of customers prefer version A over version B Big Data has fueled this approachven Yet correlation isn t causation None of that data tells us why customers make the choices they make A simple xample from the book s introduction Clay is 64 years old six choices they make A simple xample from the book s introduction Clay is 64 years old six Internet Marketing for Smart People eight tall has shoe size 16 is married and has four children who all went to college He lives in a Boston suburb and drives a Honda minivan to work But none of that caused him to buy the New York Times today Here s where Jobs Theory the central theory of this book steps in It s all focused on the underlying causal mechanisms of customers choices The fundamental uestion to ask is what causes a customer to purchase and use a particular product or service The big idea is that customers hire products or services for a job they need to get done ie to make progress in their lives in particular circumstances A greatxample is Uber which perfectly nails a job to be done One that is about much than simply taking you from point A to point B It also removes the hassle of hailing a cab on a busy street corner You just tap a button on your phone then relax and wait to be picked up knowing Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) exactly whether it will take 3 or 7 minutes You also don t have to worry whether you ve gotnough cash or wether the cab will accept credit cards And since you know who s picking you up and drivers are rated it also Tales From Underwood eases your anxieties of getting into a cab alone The Uberxample nicely illustrates that jobs do not only have functional but also social and After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, emotional dimensions The book is full of other greatxamples Netflix Intuit SNHU ING Direct Medtronic IKEA CVS Minute Clinics and Airbnb or only some of the insightful case studies featured What s Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning even seemingly dull products like milk shakes or mattresses offer revelations when looked at through a jobs lens The theory and many greatxamples are covered in section 1 of the book This on its own makes the book worth readingWhat makes it truly great however is the practical guidance in the remainder of the book This is something I often miss in business books They may introduce a neat idea but often lack any insights into what it means to practically apply it And since management is a practice that makes such books largely uselessSection 2 is all about how we discover jobs to be done Yes that s right jobs are discovered not created And the secret lies not in the tools you use but in what you re looking for For instance you might look for frustrating Digital Marketing In A Week experiences workarounds nonconsumption or unusual usage of a product It all has to do with developing a deep understanding of your customers and the progress they re trying to make in their lives Often times they cannot describe what they really want butvery hire of a product or service and Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) every fire as well tells a story It is your job to uncover and document that story and as you piece the information together the opportunity for innovation begins tomerge It s important we never forget that new products don t succeed because of the features and functionality they offer but because of the Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing experiences theynable Again the section is packed with Authority Affiliate Marketing examples covering such diverse fields as adult incontinence bank accounts girl s dolls or paying a visit to the doctorAs if that were notnough the authors also investigate implications for the wider organisational context something that particularly Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) excites me as an organisation designer After all what good are wonderful methods if your organisation s design makes it virtually impossible for them to be applied in practice That s what section 3 is all about Competitive advantage comes from uniue processes and how an organisation integrates across functions to perform the customer s job But in most cases nobody is in charge of understanding andnsuring that the company is delivering on the job of a customer Make sure your next reorganisation integrates Anatomy of the Orchestra everyone around a customer s jobBut of course it goes further than that Jobs Theory not only changes what you optimize your processes to do but also how you measure their success Internal performance metrics need to make way forxternally relevant customer benefit metrics Process optimization is no longer about How to make Money with Porn efficiency. Edicting new onesChristensen contends that by understanding what causes customers to hire a product or service any business can improve its innovation track record creating products that customers not only want to hire but that they’ll pay premium prices to bring into their lives Jobs theory offers new hope for growth to companies frustrated by their hit and missffortsThis book carefully lays down Christensen’s provocative framework providing a comprehensive xplanation of the theory and why it is predictive how to use it in the real world and most importantly how not to suander the insights it provide. .
Competing Against Luck
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