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The Pleasure Garden

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I ead this in the middle of Philip Pullman s Daemon Voices which mentioned itSome uick thoughts I am eminded of Rushdie s Satanic Verses and Bulgakov s T Leon Garfield was always AN ADULT NOVELIST WHO WAS SIDELINED adult novelist who was sidelined writing for children This book though marketed as one of his children s books this *IS ONE OF THE MOST ADULT HE HAS EVER *one of the most adult he has ever makes a number of unusual moves The hero is Rev Martin he is said to be possessed by an angel He buts horns with Dr D a man possessed by a devil When someone is killed in the Mulberry pleasure gardens this all comes to the foreAgain Garfield writes beautifully he so often makes me laugh and can often find ways to describe things in startling detail Essentially this book is about loneliness The garden is the spot where lonely people go to meet or to forget their loneliness Dr D is the spirit of loneliness sneaking up on people and offering them the pewter medallion of Mulberry gardens a ticket out of loneliness Rev Martin is the spirit of generosity and warmth of course he triumphsOne of his best Who is Leon Garfield A brilliant mid century writer "whose pen spins the most silken sentences who writes the most enchanting stories Describing a London guttersnipeMartin. Eastward in Clerkenwell "pen spins the most silken sentences who writes the most enchanting stories Describing a London guttersnipeMartin. Eastward in Clerkenwell the Mulberry Pleasure Garden six acres of leafy walks. Gazed on the distillation of evil in the shape of a child and saw that he was plainly searching for some hole in the shape of a child and saw
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he was plainly for some hole in the into which he might conveniently make a etreat Briskitt s horns were a threadbare cap of dirty hair pulled out in tufts Briskitt s tail was a bedraggled garment that hung in a long tatter behind him and Briskitt s smell was not of sulphur but of loneliness bewilderment and fear Sigh Elegant yet simple storytelling if storytelling is ever simple in an unusual omniscient voice There are characters to love and some to dislike just enough to tell what needs to be told I ve not I Am Food read anything uite like it It didn t knock my socks off but I m glad to haveead it I heard about "This Book In Philip Pullman S Book "book in Philip Pullman s book essays Daemon Voices Very unusual engaging odd I actually liked this book a lot and would have Clotilda rated it a lot higher But I don t think it s a YA book It s uite adult despite the children who are important characters in the book Showing my age here because I suspect in the educational system of our modern age the themes might not just have descended to YA but to childrenThe Mulberry Garden opens its arbours of a Friday night to an assortment of humanity with all the foibles and frailties. Colonnades and pavillions In this bosky setting parade a variety of characters of That come with that There s aetired major from India a widower who is eally a shopkeeper with a wife and daughters but he s won the pity of Leila Robinson who extends her favours to him There s Sir David Brown wealthy as can be who pretends to be an impoverished decrepit old "man to excite the pity of Fanny Bush And there s Martin Young everend and magistrate who has a "to excite the pity of Fanny Bush And there s Martin Young Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel reverend and magistrate who has a gift and isumoured to be little short of an angel The
Regular Visitors To The 
visitors to the are being blackmailed by the devilish Dr Dormann who serves Mrs Bray the proprietress Above each arbour nestled in the trees are spying children who Are Recruited From The Nearby Prison Where recruited from the nearby prison where parents are incarcerated A murder occurs Isaac Fisk a staymaker s apprentice dances through the garden and falls dead with a knife in him And Martin Young pitying the murderess who he thinks is Fanny Bush conceals a crucial piece of evidence A fragment of muslinAnd Dr Dormann knows he s done it As for the murderer the child Briskitt is the one who observed that And he sees a way to get what he most wants in life money to buy himself a mother Warmth That s all that matters in the end So Sir David Brown tells Martin Young It comes back and back as a Incest Tales 5 recurring them. Wesome granduer innocence and evil and all are subject to aing of blackmail terro.