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تهران پایتخت دویست ساله-مجموعه مقالات kDea rippled my brain and I HAD to read it over again to fully integrate it This is a book that is to be perceived by the intuition as well as the intellect it must appeal to your soul and if it resonateseep reading Others might not agree with Phillips words but their loss Appetite and fear are inextricably connected and all creatures are endangered by the fundamental project of meeting their needs But the human creature meets his needs in both senses unlike every other animal He must meet his needs in order to survive and over time he

Will Have To Become Acuainted 
have to become acuainted with what he will learn to call his needs And what he will meet unlike any other animal is the exorbitance the hubris of his appetites Indeed the stories he will be told about his appetite explicitly in words and implicitly in the way his appetite is responded to by other people is that it is at least potentially way in excess of any object s capacity to satisfy He will be told in short that he is by nature greedy He will discover whether or not this is uite his experience that he apparently always wants than he can have that his appetite the lifeline that is his nature that is at once so intimate and so obscure to him can in the end drive him mad He may be sane but his appetite is not This is what it is to be a human being to be at least at the outset too demandingSatisfactions are of course possible but disappointment and disillusionment are unavoidable At best one can develop a bearable sense of one s limitations at worst one is driven mad Given one s appetite given the ways we have inherited of describing it one becomes realistic or one lives in the no man s land of the tantrum and the grudge To talk about appetite in other words is to talk about whatever it is that we have to complain about Adam Phillips Going Sane p 101 102All the new thinking like all the old thinking agrees that there is something catastrophic about being a person The catastrophe is located in various places in our being born at all in our being condemned to death in our vulnerability as organisms or in our cruel injustices as political animals in the scarcity of our natural resources or in our greedy depredation of them in our Fall or in our hubris But all these catastrophes one way or another are linked to our appetites as creatures who want and who are driven by what is at once necessary and missing from our lives Our wants may be constructed given form by the language available in the culture but that we want is not in doubt It is whether our wanting has catastrophe built into it whether our wanting is such that ruinous frustration or ruinous aggression is inevitable or is indeed a necessity to eep wanting on the go or whether our wanting is This book had a lot of potential but it ended up being pretty disappointing The concept is intriguing how do we define sanity Why is easier to say that someone is mad than it is to say that they re saneUnfortunately most of the book is sort of a morass of poorly organized writing and amorphous concepts that flow into one another without any real sense of what the author is trying to say It wasn t until the final chapter that I really felt that I had a grasp on what Phillips is trying to say about sanity and by then it was really too late I was really intrigued by this book when I picked it up and I wish that it hadn t been was really intrigued by this book when I picked it up and I wish that it hadn t been confusing and poorly written It starts unpromisingly The first section is a maddeningly redundant exploration of how vague and slippery our concept of sanity is Get on with it Then Phillips hits his groove doing some REAL digging holding up the mystery jewel sanity and trying to discern its nature in the light it refracts on childhood sex and worth triple the cost of admission on its own merits money Phillips articulates the notions that have bounced around *my mind for years but find devastating clarity in his fearless * mind for years but find devastating clarity in his fearless crafting The final section is only his stab at defining what a modern sanity might look like Is it the cagey compliance of superficial sanity Or the uestioning challenge of deep sanity In typical Phillips fashion it s a bit of both depending One needs to be able to lie to the Gestapo and tell the truth to one s friends This book is already making my life bette. To essentials focusing on how we as human beings parents lovers as people to whom work matters can make space for a sane and well balanced attitude to living In a world saturated by tales of dysfunction and suffering he offers a way forward that is as down to earth and realistic as it is uplifting and hopeful.

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Those of us who don t find madness inspiring are surprisingly short of options and at present there is not much help availableBeing impelled to record notes while reading is always the most promising sign that once again I have stumbled onto a very important book There is so much good to retain in Going Sane But the reader should not be so naive as to not expect a bit of disjointed rhetoric when addressing the subject of sanity Such a wide ranging topic that would be difficult at best to pin down and eep focussed on There are diversions to be expected in a concept so insanely complicated to explain Imagining possibilities for ourselves involves TELLING STORIES ABOUT WHAT WE THINK stories about what we think are like what we think we want and what we think we are capable ofThe sanity of True Genius we must assume is that the True Genius is a fallen creature who can write who can describe things from the point of view of the unfallenThe sane genius transforms everything that might disturb us the wildest dreams into something that is familiar and reassuringThe horrifying the dispiriting the bizarre are made utterly convivial by the sane True GeniusSanity checks the madnessonly the sanity of True Genius can manage and bear madnessMadness reuires genius to make it viable Indeed that may ultimately be what genius is what sanity has to be a talent for transforming madness into something other than itself of making terror comfortingSanity is this talent for not letting whatever frightens us about ourselves destroy our pleasure in life and this for Lamb is essentially a linguistic talentThank goodness for great fiction and the courage it takes to read it But then to see and understand the truth in fiction and apply it to our lives is where the trouble begins for most of us Figuring out what makes one tick is ey to enjoying a healthy and satisfying life Exploring all options that come to mind is critical to developing an understanding of what one truly wants that come to mind is critical to developing an understanding of what one truly wants does not mean to act out every fantasy or dream one holds It means to investigate the idea the possibilities to extend the behavior out by using reasoning in order to consider the conseuences To think we ever have life all figured out is insane at best To understand and accept that the best we can hope for is a muddling through is infinitely sane The infantile pleasures of being loved adored stroked held cuddled infinitely attended to and responded to and thought about of only sleeping eating and playing these are the truly satisfying pleasuresIt is in fact a form of madness to not now to forget to attack and trivialize what really makes you happyThe sane adult is aways smuggling his childhood into the future refashioning his childhood pleasures as legitimate adult interestsIt is the madness of modern human wanting not to want to Diamonds and Daisies know about its own wantingThe deeply sane must not betray their desire the superficially sane accommodate their desire to the needs of othersThe superficially sane tend to convince us that we are the products of our environments arguing that if you give people the right upbringing and education you will make them well adjusted The deeply sane on the other hand tell us that there is always to us than our environments that there is something within us call it genius or a life force or instincts or genes that exceeds the world that we find and to which we must pay our most serious attention because it is driving us one way or another into what we are and will beThe sane person s first acknowledgement is that her life is moved by luck than by judgment she sees her relationships as coincidences rather than destinies her talents as unearned gifts her bodily life as genetically contingent her parents as giving her a good or a bad chance and so on The only necessities her life has are the ones she ascribes to them The second acknowledgement of the sane is that they are peculiarly animals who are often unconscious of what they want and that some of the wants they are most conscious of serve to obscure theireener satisfactions And this is because their third acknowledgment is that what they most want they must not have because it is forbidden themSanity should not be our word for the alternative to madness it should refer to whatever resources. Being sane has long been defined simply as that bland and nebulous state of not being mentally ill While writings on madness fill entire libraries until now no one has thought to engage exclusively with the idea of sanityIn a society governed by indulgence and excess madness is the state of mind we identify wi. ,

We have to prevent humiliation What an intoxicating marvel Poetry mix with psychology and language here to explore the world of madness and sanity Phillips argues that there are definitions for madness in our culture than there are for sanity We both love and are terrified of those eccentrics in our midst fearing that we are heading down the same slope while also somewhat jealous of their freedom He begins with a dive into literature with Hamlet a central figure This is followed by a look at our relationship to our sanity from a range of views Sane sex greed He ends with an attempt at a definition for sanity Critics have assailed him for his lacklustre exploration of the literature I personally found his insights and the poetry of his language well as I said intoxicating He does on occasion write in a very dense style where his love for spinning language seems to outweigh his desire to communicate the idea Was his editor intimidated by this man s ability But overall the book is a must for anyone interested in exploring the human psyche and most definitely writers some awesome bits and some real rubbish I had a number of issues with this book which can be summed up as mostly relating to AP s interpretations of sex too straight off Freudian mental health disorders like autism and schizophrenia which I felt mostly just used as imagery for his own devices and repetitive use of certain words eg However AP s vision of sanity is a rather charming one perhaps best illustrated by this uotation from the very last pages The indest thing a sane adult can do is assume that other people can make choices while being mindful of the areas of people s lives in which choice does not apply and that humiliating another person is the worst thing we ever do That I like What a powerful book The final chapter is incredible Even though in places Phillips becomes a little repetitive by the end his message becomes resoundingly clear sometimes it gets slippery because throughout his Sometimes it gets slippery because throughout his he references two different inds of sanity superficial and deep Superficial sanity is the generic cultural sanity that demands compliance conformity and adaptation As a school teacher I am part of the system that stresses this in our culture But deep sanity challenges this premise by probing that society and its spawn culture are really artificial constructs that do not have the authority over an individual s uest for identity Phillips opens the study by noting how a convicted murderer who had been confirmed schizophrenic needed to be found sane prior to his execution in order for the sentence to be interpreted as punishment That is the schizophrenic needed to be confirmed sane prior to the State taking his life so that his death would have meaning for those who remain His first chapter then moves to a study of Hamlet which is appropo for me this summer his tragedy Phillips explores lies in his personal artistry and bedazzlement not being understood a misunderstanding freuent among artists in essence Hamlet challenges the tribal custom of revenge The Kings Nursemaid killings and is overcome by his uestioning its efficacy For Phillips this shows that he is deeply sane rather than mad as Polonius calls him mad or madness appears 36 times in the play a word that in that decade was a neologism Phillips has chapters on sanity in sexual relationships on financial matters as well as on autism schizophrenia and depression But read please the final chapter It made me sit up straight and challenged my own assumptions about society and the need to fit in To end I feel the importance not to be dependent on others to respect the randomness of existence and to live for meaning regardless of the costs Blas Blas Blas This books dives in to a fascinating subject but the author uickly lost me in his louacious ramblings You ll also get lost if you don t have a strong psychoanalytic background and are well read on the topic Not for lay people like me Amazing read Almost every sentence could stand alone as a uote There is no useless phrase or idea in this whole book It is a trove of wisdom which made my jaw drop several times I got this book from the library and used a scanner to save three of the chapters for me to read later because each successive Th mosteenly Though ultimately destructive it is often credited as the wellspring of genius individuality and self expression Sanity on the other hand confounds us One of the world's most respected psychoanalysts and original thinkers Adam Phillips redresses this historical imbalance He strips our lives back. Going Sane Maps of Happiness