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Overall this book was okay It was of a slice of life with crime on the side and romanceThis book followed VictorKenjiand joseph trying to find the missing goblet and life with crime on the side and romanceThis book followed VictorKenjiand joseph trying to find the missing goblet and murders that may be linked to itIt also has some romance with Victor and TashaJoseph and Iris and Kenji and Eudoxie At first this book started WITH A MURDER SCENE THAT DRAGGED ME INOTHER THAN a murder scene that dragged me inOther than the book never really described murders with much detailEven though the Author s writing was very detailed and caught aspects of the scene at times it can get boring and get lengthen a scene that doesn t really need to be in detailI thought I was going to get an action packed book with a lot of confliction and dout All I really got was slice of life with a little of crimeThe only scene that really got good was when Victor got shot by Charles Doles the man who was behind the murders chasing after the goblet and Joseph pushed him off the balcony because he was about to shoot Kenji as wellThis scene was well detailed but it could of used a bit to make the reader invested into itAfter the fact they put the missing pieces together and solved the mysteryI would also liked if the author could have explored the character s emotions besides in the romance aspectThe book dipped it s toe in the emotion when Joseph blamed himself for illing someone but that was itnever really explored it than that This book had potential but it just turned out to be okay In the first few pages of The Assassin in the Marais a dizzying array of characters are introduced It soon becomes clear however that here in Paris in 1892 there s a murderer who thinks he is God s emissary hunting for a strange goblet and that the staff of a small bookstore may be the only people able to stop himThe goblet was stolen From Mr Kenji Mori The Business Partner Mr Kenji Mori the business partner bookseller and amateur photographer Victor Legris Then Antoine du Houssaye a noted naturalist who had recently stopped by the bookstore asking for Mori turns up deadVictor is now certain that something is afoot and that the missing goblet must be linked to the death of du Houssaye Victor and bookshop assistant Joseph Pignot set off to find the object a task that reuires them to crisscross Paris interviewing wealthy aristocrats rag and bone men antiues dealers and bartenders alike What they don t notice is that the emissary astride a newfangled bicycle is following them wherever they go Each of them are distracted by complications in their love lives but as the Paris Spring 1892 Intrepid bookseller Victor Legris stumbles upon a new case to investigate when his business partner Kenji Mori’s apartment is burgled Curiously the only item stolen is a decorative goblet of little value But on learning that two people who were connected to. Le Secret des Enfants RougesIously the only item stolen is a decorative goblet of little value But on learning that two people have been murdered who were connected to to the goblet Victor becomes convinced of its secret significance How uickly can he recover it and end the Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend killing spree in a city beset with terrorist activity In this fourth case for the bookseller sleuth Claude Izner offers a convincing portrait of a Paris shaken by anarchist bombings in the spring of 1892I want to tell you that I didn t understand this book nope not at all It was all very mysterious by that I mean some guy we don tnow who to visit an old some guy we don t who goes to visit an old he asks her for something we don t The Greatest You know what but she has given it away so he leaves The next paragraph has someone climb in her windowill her BANG Shot deadSo then there are some men talking about bombs Meanwhile some weird guy writing in a journal and we re told that another person is found dead in connection to the missing item It was just too weird jumped around As I said the author was trying too hard to be mysterious it got to be annoying too jumpyAlso there was a poem in the beginning of the book in French then it was translated into English but I The Elite Way know for a fact that it was not translated exactly because I can read a tiny bit of French I very much enjoyed The Marais Assassin which has a different title in the US I read a British edition that I bought in Paris at Shakespeare Company bookstore I was looking for I have become fond of the Victor Legris mysteries by Claude Izner who is actually two sister booksellers Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefevre At times their plotting is a little overdone but there are compensations The characters of Victor Joseph and Kenji are likeable The stories are set in the Paris of the 1890s which is a fascinating period about which the Izner pairnow a great deal The three heroes are booksllers when they re not solving murders The love interests are suitably luscious even the potential onesThe Assassin in the Marais is ostensibly about the search for a mysterious goblet that might be descended from the Templars or from an Asian archaeological dig or from something else There is one unnamed until the very end character nown only as The Emissary who is in hot pursuit of the goblet and who is willing to leave a trail of murdered bodies in its wake Izner has succeeded in making me want to read about the background of the period After all it is also much the same background as Marcel Proust s world. Several antiue merchants all the while leaving dead bodies in its wake How uickly can Victor recover the goblet;and end the illing spree in a city beset with terrorist activity by anarchists Eual parts action character and atmosphere This is Victor's most challenging case yet. ,

Odies eep piling up Victor Kenji and Joseph realize they must hurry to unmask the iller before they themselves are at riskClaude Izner a pseudonym used by bookseller sisters Liliane Korb and Laurence Lef vre has written a uick paced historically authentic mystery with engaging and believable characters It will leave readers waiting with anticipation for the fifth in the series to be translated into English A disappointment Not really crime solving like thief catching Loose ends tied up in the end in something that resembles a fairy like happy ending But I read this with group and this was uite a pleasant experience and it reduces a and this was uite a pleasant experience and it reduces downward pointing feelings I had The book is a mystery plot that has many things going on that you forget what is really happening It was confusing to read and not very interesting since the book is the 4th in a series I haven t read any of the other books so it was confusing to follow along After reading the book I was still confused as to what happenedThe books has the characters Victor Joseph and Kenji try to figure out what went missing after the robbery at their store They see that the only thing missing is a globet Then they hear that there has been 2 murderings They are convinced that the stolen globet is related to the murders Victor Joseph and Kenji try to figure out how it is connected and who has been doing all of this Will they solve this mystery or get to close to the murderer I liked this much characters deepened there was suspense from the very beginning the exotic mystery was well worked out The historical setting was fascinating 1892 anarchist bombings an early controversy over volution I like also their portrayal of the grittiness of Paris the intermingling of different social classes Seems I am hooked on these for light reading now I thought that this mystery story was funny and it managed to be enjoyable throughtout the the entire novel However the story constantly switched from person to person which tripped me up a littl This fourth book in the series is not recommended to anyone who is not reading the entire series The mystery itself didn t get very exciting to me until near the who is not reading the entire series The mystery itself didn t get very exciting to me until near the My enjoyment of the book was following the latest happenings in the lives of the core characters and seeing how the stolen goblet affected them From Goodreads Parisian bookseller Victor Legris finds a new case to investigate very close to home when his business partner s apartment is burgled Cur. The goblet have been murdered Victor becomes convinced of its secret significance He launches himself into the investigation which takes him through the underbelly of Paris in hot pursuit of the goblet as it is thrown in the garbage picked up by a rag collector and resold by. ,

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