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E with knowing them through later books in the series rather than that first one If I were a beta reader for the author I d suggest re editing that first one so people would get to know This Lovely Series God Forgives Rebels Don lovely series God forgives Rebels don deMora you can safely use Slate s 2nd favorite phrase and say I got this This 2nd book in the Rebel Wayfarers MC series totally rocked it was better and kept me invested from the first page Rather than alternating pastpresent with flashbacks this story starts in the past and brings us to the present and then overlaps Some events that I read in Mica s book are in this one too but there is info that wasn t known since it was in Slate s head I got to know Andy as a young boy who was forced to become a man way too soon shouldering so much than any child should have to I think I will forever get a lump in my throat I ust finished reading Slate and man what a ride this wasI started my ourney with MC books only a few months ago didn t know this type of books even existed before then I came upon Tillie Cole s Hades Hangmen and then Lilly Atlas No Prisoners Burned through them Was uickly hookedParting with them I found Mica Intrigued At the beginning I had to get used to the style of the book Had to learn it Appreciate it Then came SlateI loved how MariaLisa showed his development through the years How he molded formed into the person he has Become How Each Experience Made How each experience made How he put everyone important in his life before himself At first I was hesitant than half of the book deals with events from before MicaI loved it I love Slate love the man he is his loyalty his love his passion He found his place in the worldIt s difficult to put into words how Slate is permanently engraved into my soul Don t mistake it as another biker romance ladies Far from it The characters SHINE through the pages you can see them clearly surrounding you becoming a part of you Life shown in these books isn t easy It s real The char. Is a central point in his life Andy earns the name Slate and over the following years gradually assumes the persona as first a prospect into Mason’s MC then full patch member He has finally found the brotherhood he longed for the sense of connection and belonginga family and a home The only thing missing from Slate’s life is a woman who can love himall of him He finds his match in a daughter of the MC and his dreams become filled with her silent smiles unruly red hair and soft curves She’s wary and afraid having been hurt in the past but Slate works to gain her trust slowly building something between themJust as their relationship begins to grow ghosts from their previous lives threaten to ruin everything His brother comes to town bringing his band and his own

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Loved loved loved this story After Andys father dies Andy and his family sell their ranch and move to town Andy does his hardest to take care of his mother and brother Benny When his brother goes to live with their g I love MariaLisa s writing style She gives in depth with the characters ourney through life and how they become the person they are by the end of the story and love how close the Rebel family is I ust cant believe all the people SlateAndy met in his life and they are touched by his loyalty and respect MariaLisa has me addicted the Rebel Wayfarers MC series READ RATED AND REVIEWED AS PART OF THE BUNDLED SET 45 Stars Oh this book was so much better than book one I thoroughly enjoyed readi Epic series Each book gets better and better I am so glad I stuck with this series I liked the first book Mica but gave it 4 stars because I didn t like how a few things turned out and then Slate absolutely blew me away Slate was an epic read and I would put it up there with one of my top favorite mc reads Bear is just as good and I am really looking forward to finishing the rest of this I highly as good and I am really looking forward to finishing the rest of this series I reading The Rebel Wayfarers for fans of authors such as Lauren Gilley Susan Fanetti Catherine Johnson and Beth Flynn I am so glad I discovered Maralisa DeMora This is about the ourney AndySlate takes to become a MC brother and find his love Ruby who becomes an offical MC Princess for the club Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book just like Mica This MC Princess concept is cool and fleshed out uite well I really liked reading about the Rebels and Andy sourney Lots of interesting characters that populate not only this book but "THE SERIES IF YOU RE IN "series If you re in for the main romance note that he doesn t meet Ruby until about 70% into the book but Slate s life and his life s An Eye for an Eye journey is what make this a good book for me Note I m astounded and happy about this since I couldn t get through the first book in this series a lot of characters reoccur from that first book and I m fin. All his life Andy Jones has been looking after folks Family and friends he’ll break himself in half trying to make sure they get what they need Finally taking something for himself he hits the road astride a motorcycle loving the freedom it provides His travels bring him to Chicago and Davis Mason where he finds a sense of brotherhood he’ll do anything to keep AnythingFull descriptionAndrew Jones grew up in a small town in Wyoming and as a teen watched his family implode following his father’s death Driven by a need to provide for his little brother and remaining family he begins looking for work restlessly traveling fromob to ob on his Indian motorcycle looking for something he cannot define Meeting Davis Mason President of the Rebel Wayfarers MC in Chicago. .
Slate Rebel Wayfarers MC #2Acters are real the places feelings and emotions they all are real You laugh giggle and cry with SlateMariaLisa thank you for creating such an awesome world for us to real You laugh giggle and cry with SlateMariaLisa thank you for creating such an awesome world for us to I cannot wait to get to know Bear I bet the books ust get better and better All the best to you girl I felt this story was a little slow in the beginning but by the end of the book I realized that a lot of That Back Story For back story for was kind of necessary It showed his growth and what is most important family no matter what shape it comes in There was a little repeat from Mica but from Slate s POV But then it really got good and I love Slate so much after reading his story Awesome bookI really loved reading about Slate and Ruby This book kept me interested from the start I will be reading the next book in the series I Oriori No Uta just finished Slate and I really enjoyed this book I m all about bikers so of course I m all over it It is apart of the Rebel Wayfarers Series and even though it could be read as a stand alone I recommend reading this in order starting with the 1st one Mica so you can really get a feel for all the characters especially Slate It wasn t what I had expected I was thinking it was going to pick up where we left off with Mica but I like how it started from the beginning with Andy aka Slate You see how he started out the sweet loving kid trying to help his family out especially his brother Ben It brings us through hisourney in life and even though he is a little harder than he was he still helps people and now they help him in return I really enjoyed that I loved how even though he ended being president to his own chapter we still hear from Mason and Tug and the others I really liked the chemistry between Slate and Melanie It was a uick one but believe able sexy and hot Couldnt have ask for anything better Another plusI can t wait to see what happens now GAH So many Bear Jason Mason Hoss Gunny JJ So many and all I can say it I am so there Story 5Sex 5Overall Rand of troubles Slate watches helplessly as events conspire to put the woman he loves in grave dangerCan he save his woman from the dangers brought to her doorstep by the past or will she and their love be a casualty of conflict within the club18 due to explicit content Please note this book is part of the Rebel Wayfarers MC book series featuring characters from additional books in the series If the books are read out of order you’ll twig to spoilers for the other books so going back to read the skipped titles won’t have the same angsty reveals I strongly recommend you read them in order Available now Mica book #1 Slate book #2 Bear book #3 Jase book #4 Gunny book #5 Mason book #6 Hoss book #7 Duck book #8 Watcher book #9 Bones book #10 Fury book #11 and Cassie

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