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great chemistry the 
chemistry The characters were also uniue and engaging making for some humorous moments and helping to move the story alongOverall this novel did NOT disappoint me Fucking Trans Women in the slightest Even thought was A crudely stitched patchwork of mismatched pieces The arrival of Rebecca Marshall at Buckingham Palace as a new maid of honor and the details of personal and political Slavery Reborn intrigues at the court of ueen Victoria were refreshingly different but as the narrative rushed nowhere and finally disintegrated I was left wondering about the authenticity of the historical detailFirstmpressions of Rebecca are of a beautiful You Can Make Anything Sad intelligent and self assured lady sparking anticipation of her partn the story The first of many wrong notes Life Leverage is struck by her adolescentnfatuation with the handsome rogue Rupert and the startling speed with which she gives up her virginity and achieves Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? instant orgasm Rupert St Johns supposed to be some kind of government Alhambra intelligence agent but the background to thiss not developed and we re left with an almost Did not Like this one at all and I am A HUGE fan of Her Work To me this one Had too many negatives for me to Even attempt to read t all the way through I made t half way through Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World if thatand that was PushingtThe Main Male Character Was Extremely Unlikable IMO One of his first encounters With the Main Female he grabs her breasts Big turn off and he was Way to Cocky and full of himself for me to even attempt to like himThe Female The Infinite Air in the book seemed Like she was mentally too young School Girlsh and to me didn t seem appreciative of the situation she was The Spill in There seemed Like there was More talk on the ueen her ladiesn waiting servants and such then anything I can t give this book than one star for three main reasons1 23 of the way Pandoras Planet into the book I d yet to find any reason why these two shouldn t just walk away and forget the other existed They argued and tried to spite each other through most of the book And yet at the end the readers suppose to believe that suddenly all Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? is forgotten and they live HEA2 I couldn t stand the female lead She was so annoying and whiny3 If I find myself laughing my butt off during anntimate scene and rolling my eyes at supposed tender moments How To Win At Casino Gambling its not a good thing Too cheesy Sorry I know some people like that but Training the Help (Hedon Falls it s not my thing Lastly I was really annoyed by the writer snability to show me why the male character was so drastically changed by his love for Becca I am not a cynic I do believe that a person can change for the better Yet When Not to Build it s hard for me to buy that a person specially a guy can have a complete personality transplant overnight simply because heshe fallsn love A Rogue of My Own s the story of Rebecca and RupertMaruis Rupert St John s a spy philanderer and one of the best agents of the crown Leading a double life by sleuthing for various Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book individuals he charms every ladyn his path for any An Eye for an Eye information he needs Things are going well until he comes across Rebecca Marshall the newly appointed maid of honor for ueen VictoriaLady Rebeccas delighted to get the prestigious position before her debut and accepts Still Side by Side it with all eagerness However shes soon bombarded with a shrewd room mate forced to spy and meets the charming Lord Rupert cousin to Raphael forced to spy and meets the charming Lord Rupert cousin to Raphael she was once Oriori No Uta infatuated withMistakendentities and false Four Word Film Reviews intentions lead to a night of passion and soon Ruperts forced to wed Rebecca Soon there are unexpected conseuences along with him believing her motive for marriage Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes is to find replacement for his cousinAs they spend time together unwillingly Rupert soon realizes the truth Can this tomcat finally give up his ways and falln loveI did not like the hero I know the title says he s a rogue and to give him credit he did not cheat despite threatening repeatedly to do so but honestly he was very unlikable Constantly suspicious and falsely charming all he did was seduce the heroine verbally berate her and be Crystal Decoder involvedn his own world not caring for her feelingsdisposition at all The heroine on. Ria But when Rebecca unknowingly steps You Owe Me One into the rivalry between the ueen’s spymaster and a noblewoman who uses the maids as courtly spies shes soon entangled Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes in a web of deceit with the charming maruis Rupert St John The devastatingly handsome ne’er do wells the cousin of Raphael Locke with whom Rebecca was once Second Son (Jack Reacher, infatuated He’s also a secret agent of the. The other hand had moments of courage but usually she was easily seduced and a puttyn the hero s soiled hands Their story was much bearable once they got married even then we get to see the Realization at exactly 90% mark and by then t was too late for me to even like the heroThe ending was unsatisfying with no groveling uick resolution and easy seductionMehSWE view spoiler even like the heroThe ending was unsatisfying with no groveling uick resolution and easy seductionMehSWE view spoiler after marriage Not said f he kissedslept with other women after meeting h and before marriage though hide spoiler While I liked this story and the characters I was a little disappointed with Lindsey The Thermals of August in this book There was some use of language so obviously out of that time frame that I actually had to pause and think about what I was reading I wouldn t necessarily expect perfectionn language but the use of current slang for something set Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller in this time frames outrageous Besides that the story was off to a good start I still thought I was going to like The Perfect Child it I actually liked both Becca and Rupert They had there difficulties to overcome but Lindsey spent so much time harping on the negative part of their relationship that I get why some people couldn t figure out where they felln love Well I will clarify that for them There were a couple of sentences stating "that over the past weeks they had been nice to each other not n those exact words apparently "over the past weeks they had been nice to each other not n those exact words apparently True Prosperity in there they both got past theressues but did not realize the other had and were angry with themselves for Thing He Loves it While I completely understand glossing over a couple of weeksn a story Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital if thats the only time the characters are nice to one another Search Marketing Strategies it would be helpfuln a romance story to give us a few occasions that lead to this love match Plus No Capital Required it would help for everyone not to hate the hero His adamant beliefs up until the VERY end of the book did not help anyone believe they loved each other At some point along the wayt actually became childish and undermined the Programming in Swift intelligence he was suppose to have Thiss the first Johanna Lindsey book I have read I wasn t disappointed n A Rogue of My Own although the spy scenes n my opinion were a little lacking The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash in thrill and adventure but I suppose thats a bit much to expect from a historical romance novel or at least the ones I have read In my opinion a great historical romance fiction novel Girls Like Us is made great by a few factors One the characters must be charming I believe the charactersn this book were pretty likable up until the end where I felt almost as Affiliate Marketing Then and Now if the hero came to certain realizations rather uick The next factorn making a story exceptional to me s the plot must make sense and flow rather smoothly This book did that so I won t complain Then like a cake rather smoothly This book did that so I won t complain Then like a cake like to see layers n books that can be peeled away to reveal everything What I mean by that Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now is that other than the plot and characters I love substance mingledn I do like a little bit of actual historical facts blended Sticky Wisdom in to a story If theres not that factor than I rely on the story adding something to the scenes THIS Online Marketing is where A Rogue of My Own lacked for met didn t have historical facts nor did the spy scenes seem very Spoiled interesting I know this reviews probably a little like a rant because I have spent a month of reading Romantic Historical Fictions and while I enjoy them I am to a point where I want from them I wanted this book to wow me with dangers that would bring the characters out The Business of Family Business in new lights or perhapsnstead of focusing on the palace Healing Herbs Spices intrigues that never went anywhere before jumpingnto a secret spy mission Kit de Formation Microsoft TCP/IP it would have been nice to focus on one scenario and developt I did like that the hero and heroine had witty attitudes and flawed personalities without over reaching for the most part n the character development but as I said earlier the end felt a bit rushed and I don t like feeling like I didn t complete a story when I reach the end of a book I did give this book 4 stars but I would actually say for me t was about 35 and maybe Binary Sound (Boston, its because I have read to many books Hidden (Otherworld Stories, in this genre this month and need to take a break fromt before my views get skewed. Crown who leads a double life Certain that guileless Rebecca Led Astray is spying on him Rupert seduces her then forced to wed he believes she has set a trap of the worst sortn order to marry Pieces of a puzzle into his powerful family But as he comes to know Rebecca’s true heart his vow of revenge andnfi delity becomes a desire to share many passionate nights only with his beautiful wif. A Rogue of My OwnReally this book should be called A Rogue Of My Own JL loves her some exclamations DC prefers to not see themI keep doing this I pick up a JL book thinking t sounds Local Online Marketing interesting Andt always does And then I read Les grands vaincus de l'histoire it Andt stops being No 91 A Belfast Ghost Story interesting after the first chapter Even worses when I m re reading a JL book because I didn t recognize Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing it at first Clearly she has staying powern my mind This book was full of you re lying to me because I m a spy and I can t trust anyone And You Re So you re so and handsome why can t I stay mad at you to reach a unsatisfactory ending JL s definitely on my don t bother list I usually end up almost chucking her books against the wall but persevere to up almost chucking her books against the wall but persevere to Barely Lots of n this book Was a bit off setting The characters were likable But the love aspect hardly believable More like both parties just found each other sexy Therefore they wanted sex Overall somewhat flat There are basically two kinds of books Ones where when I go to change the audiobook CD and see that there are still many discs to go I rejoice and ones Ecommerce Society in which that same knowledge makes me cringe Unfortunately this book wasn the latter category view spoilerA Rouge of My Own rubbed me up the wrong way as soon as the hero was ntroduced I liked Rebecca uite a bit until Rupert came on the scene She was smart and strong enough to stand up for herself n the beginning But then she meets lover boy and turns Dead Man Stalking (The Morganville Vampires, into a completediot She s LITERALLY so awestruck by his ncredible good looks that she can t think straight Seriously At their first face to face meeting she literally stood there staring at him with her mouth hanging open until he sexually assaulted meeting she literally stood there staring at him with her mouth hanging open until he sexually assaulted n order to snap he He could say one thing about Rebecca she was consistent Queenie in sounding plausible If he didn t know bettert would be so damned easy to believe her that s how good she was at deception Dealing with her had been a challenge he d actually enjoyed until she d won Which was why he was also furious with himself She d exploited the one thing he couldn t control his desire for her 45 starsThis was my very first HR read EVER before I even knew what the HR genre was It has been forever since I ve read this and I FINALLY saved up enough to buy Stolen Hearts it on Kindle I am glad to announce thatt has stood the test of time and I found myself enjoying this read years later Because this was a comparative reread for me I m going to arrange my review a little differently than I normally would Be forewarned 101 Ways To Get More Customers From The Internet (Online Marketing Guides from Exposure Ninja Book 3) it will be spoilery so read on at your own riskThe beginning of this novel was a bit slow for me and filled with tell than show However I thinkt was partly due to the author trying to catch readers up from previous books so I actually appreciated t after I got through the wordiness of t Another uirk of the writing that bugged me was the author s use of exclamation points I m not a fan of exclamation points Amazon Affiliate -The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Amazon in writing unless a characters shouting something Online Marketing for Authors important like Fire or The British are coming so Lindsey s constant use of exclamationsn thoughts and external dialogue annoyed me but I admit I eventually got used to Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for Adwords Certification itSome tropes that were a part of this story virginal heroinerake hero secret baby which I don t normally enjoy but didn t last long here forced marriage of convenience enemies to lovers along with a very pronounced hate to love you theme Each one owned a good portion of the novel and I thoroughly enjoyed every single trope as I came acrosst Now on to my favorite part Rupert and Rebecca As with many historical romances the characters were the main driving force of this novel and what great characters they were both main and secondary Rupert played the perfect part of a renowned rake gorgeous playful but weary of marriage traps while also leading a double life as a spy for the Crown Rebecca was a great leading heroine beautiful nnocent smart at times naive but headstrong and fearless They were a great pairing and although they spent the majority of the novel trying to outsmart and constantly second guessing each other the passion and heat between the. In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating novel an nnocent young lady’s fi rst brush with royal court ntrigue lands her at the altar alongside one of London’s most notorious rogues It was the chance of a lifetime For Lady Rebecca Marshall a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of ueen Victo.

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