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Your Name Here eH you wouldn t notice I found the story lineasy to follow and well written in addition the characters are well developed I really liked Lily she s Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, easy to connect with she s a strong character who grows up a lot from the girl in the beginning of the story I found the concept uniue filled withntertaining twists that keep you on your toes I like the idea of the vampires they aren t your typical night vampires nor are they your sparkly vampires I think if I had to be a vampire they are the ones I want to be plus I would have to drink blood and coffee since I m a coffee nut like Jerome Overall it s a great story I really njoyed and I can see a wide range of people interesting in reading Lily The Witch Hunter The Witch Hunter is the first 4 books of The Mauve Legacy all bundled I became friends with the author on Twitter she is amazing you should all follow her and picked up her book out of curiosity I have personally been reading less paranormal these days and this book was just what I needed I love Lily and Josh maybe "Josh A Bit But "a bit but t tell Lily cause she could seriously kick my ass I also thought how the whole group banded together with witches vampires and werewolves was well done My favorite parts of the book were the calling of the goddess parts I know zip about modern Wicca but it felt authentic and I need that when reading paranormal Lily the know zip about modern Wicca but it felt authentic and I need that when reading paranormal Lily the Hunter is the omnibus dition which contains all four books in the Mauve Legacy series It s a young adult paranormal series that follows the main character Lily Mauve as she and her family move to Salem Massachusetts and Lily

finds out the 
out the of her family s history She learns that she like her ancestors before her is a witch not just any witch but the triple goddess a uniue and powerful witch whose destiny is to destroy the man who has been hunting her family for generations Along with facing her destiny Lily must deal with secrets lies betrayal and heartbreak and take her place as the goddess she was meant to beI found this to be a really interesting concept I love fiction that deals with witches and witchcraft so this was definitely right up my alley The writing didn t flow as well as it could have which I found detracted from my reading uite a bit I wasn t able to fully immerse myself in the story The characters were typical teenagers who had to deal with common issues like school friends family and trust all while dealing with the fact that they re witches and someone is hunting them Also the fact she's a witchA witch destined to be a triple goddess and defeat the man who has hunted her kind for over three hundred yearsFaced with heartbreak never nding family secr. ,
Absolutely brilliant Love it Easy fun read Lily The Witch Hunter has verything from witches to vampires to werewolves with a touch of romance Emma pens her characters believable in this fast paced hard to put down novel with a well written plot Highly recommended for all YA Paranormal fansThis review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review I received Lily The Witch Hunter as part of the blog tour hosted by Reading Addiction Tours in return for an honest review Lily has moved back to her father s family home in Salem Massachusetts where the famous witch trials once took place Lily isn t thrilled because she was hoping to be captain of the cheer suad next year as a senior as well as an almost boyfriend Right before she heads off to school she learns that she has a cousin in the same school that up till her then she didn t know Fucking Trans Women existed Her first day of school is better than she couldver Slavery Reborn expect when she connects with the popular girls who are also cheerleaders and has the attention of the cutest boy in schoolLily makes the cheer suad and forms a strong bond with the captain of the suad as well as the others members of the team sheven has a date for the homecoming dance with the cute boy who happens to be the brother of her new friend and captain of the suad On the night before the dance Lily learns that there is to the witch trial stories and that she s not just human She s a witch as well as several of her friends and that she comes from a long line of witches Lily learns that her dates as well as several of the girls on the suad are witches as well as her friend Ava s "date including her cousin GraceWith the news of being a witch Lily also learns that "including her cousin GraceWith the news of being a witch Lily also learns that lurks a man who has spent his long like killing witches stealing their powers and souls Lily and her family want stand against him but he s gotten too strong so they You Can Make Anything Sad enlist the help of the local vampire coven whose leader agrees after meeting Lily With thencouragement of the Salem vampire coven they seek out assistance from the Boston Vampire Coven as well
who also agree 
also agree align themselves with the witches Lily will reach out after tragedy strikes to the werewolf pack for help fighting against but doing so will invite a new threat to her world one that might be too much for herI really liked the story it instantly sucked me and kept me reading all afternoon till I finished It s a four part story that has been put into one however it flows smoothly Life Leverage enoug. Witches Vampires Werewolves DemonsMoving to Salem introduces Lily Mauve to a whole new world one she is in the centre of If making new friends and falling in love isn'tnough there's. ,

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Own I njoyed the history and backstory That Was Described In The Novel It was described in the novel it added depth and detail to the story The point of view would change very so often without any warning which I felt took away from the reading too It would ve been fine if there was some indication of the POV change but it just happened in the middle of the chapters and then went back to the original narrator The story and romance in the book wasn t very original but the overall concept and the history of the series made it njoyable This is an interesting read "FOR FANS OF PARANORMAL FICTION ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ENJOY "fans of paranormal fiction specially those who njoy about witches and witchcraftDisclosure I received a copy of the book in xchange for an honest review Lily The Witch Hunter The Mauve Legacy 1 4 By Emma Hart Lily The Witch Hunter is a well written novel I was uite impressed with this story and hope there is to come in the future Emma Hart writing is good there is a group of characters and Emma does a great job introducing all of them to us I really Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World enjoyed many of her characters in this novel and see so much potential for this series The plot flows really wellasy to read and once you start it s a hard novel to put down We meet Lily who has just moved to Salem with her parents still a bit mad at her parents for moving her to the town of Salem hoping she is going to fit in to her new high school But Lily goes to school not sure what to The Infinite Air expect and finds she fits in pretty well and meets some new friends fairly fast As the story goes a long Lily finds out she is from a long line of powerful witches and that anvil man is out to kill off the families who have magic Lily and her friend s band together to find the The Spill evil Henry Luther and destroy him but they must train as Lily is just coming into her powers and little do they know Lily is a powerful witchThis story is great not only is it about witches it has many other paranormal character werewolf s vampires and demons and they all band together to destroy the one person who is out to takeveryone s power by killing the witches There is a lot to say about this but hard to do without writing spoiler alerts But I will say this is a novel worth readingLily The Witch Hunter is a good paranormal novel has some suspense action and romance I have rated Lily The Witch Hunter a 4 star rating and Emma Hart have done a beautiful job combining her books into this one novel I hope there is to come as I really want to find out what happens to the group of friends. Ets lies and betrayal she must stand strong and be the leader Pandoras Planet everyone knows she can be Lily thinks the war willnd in Salem because destroying Henry Luther is her birthright isn't it. Lily The Mauve Legacy #1 4

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