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G never been to Russia before though "Growing Up In Russian Speaking Household What "up in Russian speaking household what strange encounter I was in the USSR much later than that and et her impressions were very similar to what I or probably anyone from the west would have encountered except she had far entre to the literary world than ou or I would I best liked her sweet impressions of Russia and the small but FANTASTIC look into the world of Pasternak in Peredelkino Would read many things by this author Her charming linoleum block prints illustrate the book Written in 1960. W York with her husband Henry Carlisle in 1960. W York with her husband Henry Carlisle to Russia in 1960 under the aegis of the Paris Review to interview Soviet authors for th. This was a fascinating book by Olga Carlisle a Russian who grew up in a literary emigre family in Paris and then moved to America for her education and ended up marrying Henry Carlisle instrumental for bringing the work of Solzhenitzyn out from Russia only later to be bitten in the ass by him see Tatyana Tolstaya s PUshkin s Children for Solzhenitzyn scuttle but in 1960 the rather naive sweet curious girl who was Olga Andreyeva in those days went to the USSR to interview writers for the Paris Review I loved her impressions of the USSR havin. The writer and translator Andreyev "CARLISLE BORN AND TO A "born and raised to a literary family in France educated in America living in Ne.

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Voices in the Snow