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Faja (Naslouchač, lNto illegitimacy story itself reminds me of izzo s A Sun For The Dying but raisin writes to meike ondaatje The Cat s Table coetzee Summertime banville Ancient Light while so far anyway really really addressing marginal and poor folks farmers drunks fuckups ship builders social workersi hope ross raisin can hang in there as i would ove to read his best novel of the year soon At times bleak and despairing a novel about griefdepressionfamilies and friendsSet initially in working class Glasgow the scene then shifts South to London where we encounter the world of the homelessParts of this section were aboured and repetitive I foundThis novel is well writtenpermeated with humour and phrased in vernacular of GlasgowFour stars From BBC radio 4 Book at Bedtime Waterline is Ross Raisin s Dirty Work long awaited new novel after the success of his prize winning debut God s Own Country The sun is on his face and he spots the postie turning in through the gate He is awake that s obvious enough but he has this sense of unrealness That it s him that s not real That s aye what it feelsike As if all these goings on around him the sunshine the television still uietly on the post tummelling onto the mat they are all part of some other Hearts Farthings life one that he can see but he s no a part of After the death of his beloved wife Cathy ex Glasgow shipbuilder and union man Mick Little finds himself struggling The shipyard s gone and with it his old way ofife and now his wife too With the ties that bound him to his past suddenly The Mount Shasta Mission loosened he finds himself adrift Starting out again away from Scotland he caneave somethings behind but not the guilt he feels over Cathy s deathTracing Mick s journey from his old Little Darlings life in Glasgow to the harsh alien world of a hotel kitchen and on to the rough streets of London this is an intensely moving portrait of aife in the balance and a story for our timesEpisode 1 of 10Today Cathy s funeral brings old family tensions to the surface as Mick struggles to come to terms with his wife s untimely deathEpisode 2 of 10Today alone now after his in Greenwich laws and sons have returned home Mick sets about getting back to normality But nothing is normal nowEpisode 3 of 10Today Mick finds that his home holds too many painful memories and is haunted by the part he might have played in Cathy s deathEpisode 4 of 10Today deciding that the only way to survive is toeave the past behind Mick sets out for LondonEpisode 5 of 10Today Mick s new ife down in London begins with a gruelling job in the bleak surroundings of a London airportEpisode 6 of 10Today now moneyless and jobless Mick finds himself trying to negotiate ife on the harsh streets of LondonEpisode 7 of 10Today still struggling to stay afloat on the streets of London Mick finds shelter and an unlikely allyEpisode 8 of 10Today Mick and his ally Beans have carved out a form of existence on the riverbanks of London when a horrific attack shocks Mick into actionEpisode 9 of 10Today as Mick starts to rebuild his Your Name Here life in London painful news from Glasgow forces him to confront his pastEpisode 10 of 10Today Finally off the streets now Mick determines to face up to the past But can there ever be a future for him and his two sons God s Own Country was nominated for eight major awards winning the Betty Trask and the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year awardsReader Alexander MortonAbridger Sally MarmionProducer Justine Willetthttpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb012 got a good review at the weekend from various papers and I reallyiked his first novel God s Own Country I am "tempted to give it 5 stars because it ended up a moving "to give it 5 stars because it ended up a moving of one man s descent into poverty and homelessness after the shock of his wife s death He is an ex Clydebank shipbuilder and feels guilty because he has caused her death through the asbestos he brought home onin his clothes Unable to cope with the grief anf guilt and too proud to go on the dole on the broo or to claim compensation he runs off to London where he works in a hotel with immigrant workers Losing that job he becomes homeless drinking superlager and eventually begging at atube station before getting a place in a hostel It has none of the exuberance humour or punch of God s Own Country instead it is a somber and detailed description of decline a very different read Although his book is partly set in Scotland and his protagonist Scottish I think with Raisin McGregor and Cartwright we are seeing a wave of English writers tackling working class problems in the way that Scottish writers Kelman Welsh Warner have been doing for some time Long may it continue Ross Raisin wrote one of my favourite books of ast year and indeed of all time God s Own Country so I d had his second novel Waterline pegged as a must read since its release Although I found it eually impossible to put down reading the book from cover to cover in one sitting Waterline is a very different animal to Raisin s debut Where God s Own Country was bleak darkly funny and thrilling Waterline is bleak bleak bleak That isn t to say it s bad it is an incredibly powerful and emotive novel and packs a punch ike nothing elseMick Little is a middle aged Glasgow cabbie a former shipbuilder and father to two adult sons one emotionally distant and the other iterally Distant Living In Australia The living in Australia The opens in the immediate aftermath of the death of Mick s wife Cathy which has affected him profoundly Initially the story explores Mick s attempts to come to terms with his grief his struggle to make a connection with his uncommunicative son Craig his retreating memories of Cathy his pathetic faltering attempts to ook after himself I have to confess that at this point I was fighting off boredom and was unsure whether the book was fighting off boredom and was unsure whether the book for me If you happen to read it and have the same concerns stick with it the plot gets far interesting and much darker as it goes along Written in the third person but using Mick s own Glasgow dialect the narrative follows our protagonist as he impulsively journeys to London and finds himself working illegally in a hotel Mick s pride prevents him from even considering going on the dole to be an option but increasing de. Th his beloved wife Cathy who A Fairly Honourable Defeat longed to be back home But now Cathy's dead and it's probably his faul. Speration to scrape aiving forces him further and further down the food chainOccasionally the novel dips into brief asides exploring the perspective of different characters These characters are typically never heard from again but the point is not that they have anything to contribute themselves they represent the reader or at Fucking Trans Women least how the reader might view Mick if he or she were to step into the character sife without knowing any of his backstory Through these snippets we are forced to uestion our perceptions of the homeless and destitute how many of us stop to think about how such people have come to end up in this desperate situation The anonymous observers certainly don t dismissing Mick as crazy threatening or an object of ridicule or simply ignoring his existence While Raisin s narrative isn t explicitly making a political point there is an undercurrent of political commentary which is presented as an integral part of Mick s working class identity I found it particularly poignant that the story highlights the importance of charity services soup kitchens hostels support workers in restoring some hope to Mick s Slavery Reborn life at a time when many of these services are facing debilitating cuts in fundingDevastating shocking moving timely significant Waterlineives up to all of these superlatives and but it s a tremendously harrowing and difficult read I think this is one of the reasons I powered through it so uickly had I stopped I might have felt too emotionally exhausted to go back to it Because it was often hard to read and thought provoking than entertaining I didn t enjoy this anywhere near as much as God s Own Country but I think it is an important book and one that confirms Raisin s exceptional talent I hope Waterline earns the author a clutch of award nominations and I can t wait to watch his career unfold in the futurePS this excellent review by Alan Garner from the Guardian is worth a You Can Make Anything Sad look Ross Raisin does a fineine in dark and deep His first novel was shortlisted for nine Life Leverage literary awards and I d go so far as to say this will followIt details the downward spiral of Mick after his wife dies from methothelioma a condition he blames himself for from his time working on the shipyards bringing the dust back home We meet Mick and his family at the funeral Craig his taciturn son who saysittle to his father and feels a Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? lot for his dead mother and Robbie the younger son who nowives in Australia and reluctantly Alhambra leaves his father to his new widowerifeWith the guilt of his wfe s death pressing down on him and no way to find a ead into this new ife that he doesn t want old friends and colleagues think to Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World leave him to himself is helping him he can t get his old job back and money is running out Mick withdraws fromife as he knew it and eventually heads for LondonFrom a job as a kitchen porter to prowling the streets of London The Infinite Air looking for a dry place to sleep we follow Mick as his grief and guilt for his wife take a good hold that never dissipatesA harrowing but truthful account of sadly an all too famiiar tale of these times Ross depicts a picture that shows clearly how any decent hard working person can become a victim of the times and end up in this situation He never prettifies this picture it is dark and gloomy and it s hard to get out of the horrific facts are drawn out with no drama or build up it is how it is and that makes the impact resonate thoroughlyMick is a Glaswegian no nonsense fella he s a working man and proud his voice comes across as such never feeling sorry for himselfiving The Spill life one day to the next but the guilt over his wife never assauges He comes across as aikeable man sunk deep into depression but never bitter He comes to rely on Beans and the partnership of the two men adds a ittle ironic warmth to the story although it also intensifies the grimness of it tooAfter reading this I defy anyone to ook at down and out people the same way it s uite people the same way It s uite rending to know that so many people are out there in this situation and are ooked down upon when in actuality they "are humans that have had a rough time and need a "humans that have had a rough time and need a compassion from those that have No one knows their story and assumptions are easy to makeThe whole story from the asbestos cover up in the shipyards to the shipyards closing but always working at whatever comes along to the death from the asbestos is the story of many people showing how politics and greed affect ives and Ross has taken it that one step further where most imaginations won t go and shown us how much farther that story can and does goFabulous prose that really gets into Mick s head and eats away at the readers conscienceDon t expect a happy ending by now we now that s not what Ross Raisin deals with but do expect to be stunned by the detail and grimness thereof You How To Win At Casino Gambling ll come away from this book feeling aittle dirty probably relieved and most Training the Help (Hedon Falls likely a bit guilty but you will keep thinking about it Book at bedtime Ross Raisin song awaited new novel after the success of his prize winning debut God s Own Country The sun is on his face and he spots the postie turning in through the gate He is awake that s obvious enough but he has this sense of unrealness That it s him that s not real That s aye what it feels ike As if all these goings on around him the sunshine the television still uietly on "THE POST TUMMELLING ONTO THE MAT "post tummelling onto the mat are all part of some other ife one that he can see but he s no a part of After the death of his beloved wife Cathy ex Glasgow shipbuilder Knocked me sideways When the novel opens Mick a former shipyard worker is immersed in the strangeness of having a houseful of relatives after the funeral of his wife Cathy We see him interacting with his middle class in aws and his grown sons the one from Australia and the other taciturn iving on the other side of town After they depart Mick finds himself unable to cope with Cathy s oss but unable to acknowledge his difficulties to others and he starts what becomes a dramatic slide Really really wonderful on class economics the gender dynamic that holds men back from communicating effectively with each other their partn. T Soon Mick will have to find a new way to ive get a new job get away start again forget everything.


And see if he did put a claim in then the reminders would be there the whole time for months years however ong it took and even that is still ignoring the main thing why should he get a windfall Him that brought it into the house and handed her the overalls to wash and here s two hundred grand pal take it it s yours you deserve it After the death of his wife to mesothelioma Mick has to start his Still Side by Side life over struggling with the guilt from her death attributable to residue from his job in the shipyards While his children hint at getting a settlement to punish the company that virtually saturated their employees in asbestos Mick resists any idea of what he imagines a payoff for her death While the story proceeds with his descent into grief it never plays into the stereotype of the grieving widower who travels through five stages of grief to recover and findove again with a sweet old Oriori No Uta lady down the street Instead his journey isiteral Unable emotionally to reside in the house any he starts sleeping in a shed outside and his focus changes to minor things to avoid thinking about the bigger issues He begins finding a kinship with the birds he feeds than with other humans He Four Word Film Reviews listens enjoying the sound of it as they begin skittering on the concrete outside the shed doorUntil recently there d been just the one probably the same patient guy that s been coming all the while but he s obvious gone andet dab to all his mates that they can come and eat here and now there s a whole mob of them Good for him no keeping it all to himself Obviously no an English bird A genuine Southsider that sparrow The uote above reveals a wry humor that Mick has told in his warm Glasgow accent It s revealed again as he s run out of money and thinks about the possibility of asking his brother in Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes law for money he d be pure delighted guaranteed A great song and dance over it the ceremonious fetching of the cheuebook the smug showy putting on of the wee reading glasses How much would youike Mick Really it s not a problem How much Instead of resorting to that indignation Mick chooses another option complete departure from both Glasgow and reality He ends up in London Crystal Decoder living aife he d never imagined and one that he hopes to hide from his sons You Owe Me One left behind who know nothing of hisocationMick s voice is full of irony and desperate humor especially when he remarks on the cheap condolences friends make when they see him He s a realist that knows far too well how Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes little people really feel about hisoss In this many vivid side characters are pulled in and while they don t appear ong they are memorable for the way they are described Midway through the novel I glanced at the author s photograph in the back It stopped me in my tracks It s a young guy that wrote this aged voice It sort of put me off for a day anyway because I couldn t imagine how a young man anyone younger than me ualifies in that regard could create such a complex persona that melds humor regret guilt and anxiety in one realistic character Topping it off is the Scottish voice that Mick delivers his thoughts in sometimes an accent is hard to read "BECAUSE IT DOESN T FLOW BUT "it doesn t flow but this case it was much of the charm Would make a killer audiobookEspecially noteworthy is that while it is essentially a uest motif the fact that neither the reader nor the protagonist knows the object that is being sought makes it mysterious The pace speeds up as you iterally follow Mick through a United States of Americana labyrinth of people and places and you really don t know where he s headed And the uestions continue to plague you what happened to his sons Who were the men at the door Will he go back to Glasgow What was up with CraigThis is on target for my top five titles of 2011 Not only because of the main character and the plot but also because of what it reveals about thoseiving outside the margins of society While the underbelly of The Thermals of August large cities is often presented as a place of crime and prostitution Waterline exposes the remoteives of immigrants and the homeless attempting to Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller live an honorableife while no one wants to meet their eyes Following the descent of a recently widowed man into homelessness Waterline is my read of the year so far The grief and terror Raisin depicts as Mick attempts to process the death of his wife and manage his new The Perfect Child life on the streets is truly moving Muchike God s Own Country this novel focuses on themes of isolation and withdrawal or rejection from society The narrative switches from Mick s voice to outsiders such as the reader who encounter the homeless on a daily basis but keep their eyes to the ground In many ways the narrative structure feels ike a telling off a reminder that the homeless haven t always been homeless The outside judgements are interspersed with Mick s mundane but touching flashbacks of "his old ife his wife chopping vegetables or sifting through clothing rails The sense of despair is countered somewhat "old True Prosperity life his wife chopping vegetables or sifting through clothing rails The sense of despair is countered somewhat Raisin s positive description of the support offered by homeless and religious organisations the hallelujahs and charities Providing basic care is one means of support the charities offer but importantly they also serve to bring the isolated individuals together The friendships albeit fleeting Mick makes whilst working at the hotel and with fellow homeless man Beans are one of the most successful elements of the novel As in God s Own Country Raisin s handling of dialect is masterful and gives the novel a great deal of momentum The Glaswegian vernacular is engaging and his use of colloulliasms against the London setting adds a powerful emotive element to the story Waterline forces the reader to recognize the voice of the very people they pretend to neither hear nor see everyday really great novel about family man whooses his wife his job his sons Thing He Loves loves his respect and selfworth then goes to the streets andives rough and nobody knows where he went his family finally tracks him down and he screws up the courage to meet his sons again or so we suppose the ending is a bit ambiguous in only that we know someone died alone but then don t we allbrilliant pacing controlled descriptions of uncontrolled decent Mick Little used to be a shipbuilder in the Glasgow docks He returned from Australia 30 years ago wi. ,