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This is the fourth book in The Texas Firefighters Series Like the ones before ti Ms Knupp writes a detailed heartfelt story This time involving the Chief s daughter and first female firefighter on the San Amaro Island Fire Department Faith and Captain Joe MendozaA few interesting notes1 Joe Mendoza is 40 and Faith is 26 but I never felt the age difference2 Joe and Faith wanted each other but knew they shouldn tcouldn t be together very Romeo Juliet and well written3 I liked seeing the characters from the they shouldn tcouldn t be together very Romeo Juliet and well written3 I liked seeing the characters from the books but it had been a while so I almost forgot who was who But I didn t think I needed to ead the other books to understand them4 You never find out if Joe got the jobI Shackletons Journey read through this book in an afternoon I didn t want to put it down and was uite pleased with Joeealizing that he can have the career and the woman His step brothers were a hoot too The early copy I ead of this book is my first by this author and I m so glad I found her Not only is the storyline gripping and the characters wonderfully complex the story is skillfully constructed and extremely well edited Joe and Faith both have long family histories with fire fighting Her father is the fire chief and Joe s father was chief before Faith s father Joe is a captain with his eye on becoming chief one day and Faith is the first female fire fighter in the San Amaro Island Fire Department Not only does she feel the need to prove herself as a female and the chief s daughter her mutual attraction with Joe Is Something She Tries something she tries ignore This is the first book by Amy Knupp that I have ead but definitely not the last In Fact I Originally Received This As fact I originally Enticed By You (by You, received this as ARC but loved it so much I bought it as well as Island Fire Books 1 3Firestorm iseally well written with well developed characters that you can t help but like The story flows smoothly and dialog is Ngôi nhà xưa realistic keeping consistent with each character All things that I look for in a book There were also no noticeable editingproofreading misses that freuently interrupt myeading flow for which my inner grammar Nazi Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion rejoicesFaith and Joe have an almost immediate attraction to each other Unfortunately he is her supervisor in a job she feels she has to prove herself in and her father is Joe s mentor Despite theoadblocks sparks fly and their Adam and the Ants relationship evolves The dynamics between them had meooting for their HEA from the beginning Adding in the dramatic element from their careers and you have a definite page turner There was no way I was putting this thing down until I hit the very last pageOverall this is one I am totally confident Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors recommending and can t wait to sink my teeth into theest of this series Though this is absolutely a standalone I can t wait to Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) read about Joe s peers at the fire station Wow just theight kind of storyThis is part of a series but can be Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories read as a stand alone title Be warned you ll fall in love with these characters and be eager toead about them This is Joe and Faith s story The characters are believablewell written And engaging The story. Captain Joe Mendoza has wanted to be fire chief since he was four years old And now he's one step away from making assistant chief But that's proving to be some big step now that the chief's daughter has joine. .

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Nvincing Their less than impressive behaviours weak personalities and confused eactions do not contribute to the uality of the narrationOverall Firestorm lacks the tension the vibrancy of THE CHARACTERS THE EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT OF the emotional involvement of book IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) resulting in a non descriptive often boring story populated with unimpressive personas This was mostly very good There s some stupidity but the heroine gets to call it out and Ieally like that everyone fully Moobli respects each other at work and there s some blended family stuff that s excellent I am very satisfied with my choosing of this particular firefighter book because it had kittens on the cover Which also appear in the book Read for Ripped Bodice Bingo Summer 2018 edition What a cute love story I liked the point that they couldn t have each other but yet they wanted each other Kinda like a Romeo and Juliet firefighter style As an avideader I am constantly searching for new authors When the opportunity presented itself to The Secret Art of Great Conversation read a book by Ms Knupp I took it Boy am I glad I didFirestorm is the fourth book in this series butest assure it s a stand aloneThe story centers around firefighting Capt Joe Mendoza and Faith Peligni the daughter of the Fire Chief and the first woman firefighter in Joe s stationFaith has a lot to overcome not only as a female firefighter but also as the daughter of the Chief Some will say she got the job because of him but she will prove them wrong The attraction is immediate but in addition to the obstacles Faith already has to overcome Joe is also her bossMs Knupp gives the Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam reader an engaging plot with characters that are complex and likable I loved that she also highlights the obstacles female firefighters have to overcome She alsoeminds us that goals can change and still be just as Digital Trust rewarding Last but not least that family is precious and when the opportunity for happiness is within oureach we should grasp itLooking forward to Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes reading stories by this talented authorI was gifted a copy of this book The opinions expressed are solely my own I ve loved all of the books that I veead by Amy Knupp but I was a little unsure of this one Right at the very beginning we find out that Faith was a female firefighter having to make her way in a male world I was a little concerned that the bulk of the book would be of work challenges that Faith had to overcome While I enjoy On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, reading about this in theeal world I want my fiction world to be a little lighter and entertaining I eally didn t need to worry Although the femalemale work dynamic was part of the story the bulk of it was the development of elationships not only The Three Elizabeths romantic but family too There were a couple of sub themesunning through the book and I The Hate U Give really enjoyed delving into all of them I had a moment when one of the main characters disappointed me but it was very shortlived before it wasesolved I m Building Vocabulary Skills really looking forward to of the firefighters of San Amaro Island and of course the Hale Street novels Ieceived an ARC copy and am pleased to give an honest eview. En if as the first female firefighter on the San Amaro Island crew and the chief's daughter she's expecting some heat But with the impossibly distracting Joe Mendoza as her captain who knew it could get this
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Burning AmbitionItself is fast paced and keeps you eager to get to the end yet not wanting to Biggles In The Antarctic read the last sentence Fans of firefighteromances will be
Enthralled With These Characters And 
with these characters And journey to A Happily Ever After Highly Recommended Firestorm happily ever after Highly An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters recommended Firestorm Book 4 in the Island Fire series but it can definitely beead as a stand alone This book delivers a take on the forbidden The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook romance angle and pairs it steamingly with fire fighters But even better it has a sassy take no crap heroine who happens to fight fires just as well as the hero does Faith has always had to be extra extra tough extra fierce work extra hard do twice as much to prove her worth as a female firefighter being the ONLY female on the Island suad means she s up against a lot but it s all worth it to her Until she finds herself drawn to Captain Joe drawn in ways she can t comprehend at first as she knows things can t work out between them as is Joe s life has always had one goal in mind and it hasn t changed so for him it was easy to go for the assistant chief position so when he s asked to look out for and help bring in the first female firefighter to the suad he s all in That is until he sees Faith and somehow his heart skips a beat and he finds himself wanting her But there s so much that stands in their way so manyeasons why they can t be anything than co workers or is there Firestorm will grab hold of you and suck you in in to the world of Faith and Joe and all of the guys at the fire station It will make you feel the flames flicking to "life between these two and leave you ooting for a way for them to be "between these two and leave you ooting for a way for them to be and still maintain their lives There s a lot going on in both Joe and Faith s personal lives and those issues sort of compound their current lives and add to the present but they are handled in such a way that they just sort of mesh with est of the story It gives a deeper grasp of the struggles they are facing when they think of how much they want each other and the isks that might be involved Knupp s writing style will pull you in easily bringing the characters to life and emotions to the forefront The story is delivered with just the La Vilaine Lulu right balance of chemistry heat and love blended with the job and family and friends Firestorm is a book with a plain somewhat unoriginal plot The narration is often dragged becoming slow and uneventful Faith the heroine is a convincing character Being young she is still in the process of building her self confidence She faces a series of difficult situations and in doing so matures into a determined passionate self conscious woman As the story unravels she becomes stronger and her emotional journey turns out to be the best part of the book Joe the male protagonist is a Captain in the fire department He is depicted as capable strong compassionate However he is much too indecisive too much of a people pleaser toeally captivate the Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica readerOn another note the interaction between Joe and his step family is one of the good streams in the narrationMost of the other side characters are also unco. D his crew He's promised he'll keep her safe and promised himself to keep things strictly businessFaith Peligni has battled her way back from an on the job injury in San Antonio and she's stronger than ever Ev.

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